Whitney Houston dies at age 48

Yes, I cried during The Bodyguard. She may have had a run of bad decisions, but she was a talented singer and it's sad to her go. Learn more about the mysterious death of pop singer, Whitney Houston at TMZ.com

  • Scotty

    She wasn't all that great.

    • joe

      What are you? An idiot?

  • Anonymous

    You know it really is “sad to her go”.

  • j

    you know there are people fighting everyday for our freedom…you dont see them getting this much appreciation…and they are dying everyday…not saying their lives or anyone elses is more important…im not angry just disappointed thats all.how about we show some appreciation for the men and women of our military.

    • Butler

      Pretty sure they gave service men/women an entire spin off website dedicated to just them?… Thebrigade.. Ever heard of it?

      • timmy

        fuck off butler

    • Sean

      Thank you, im in the AF and it’s always a great feeling to hear this when someone feels this way and expresses it.

  • broxstar

    I guess Crack really is Wack

  • justin alec

    why do we care?

    • eff

      we dont

      • joe

        Hey eff, wow your a real genius.

        • eff

          get back in the closet

  • Jj

    Dat fish cray…..crack kills

  • Crazy tv Lenny

    So if you listen to her songs and switch out the word you to crack some people get pissed

  • Anonymous

    Man i couldnt be happyr

    • joe

      Couldn’t be happyr? Buddy, you wouldn’t know happiness if it stared in front your face. In that case you would have to bend over.

  • Eat my dust

    She was douche, money, comfort and not good enough. Rot in hell bimbo!

    • joe

      Sooo uneducated about music. Whitney Houston is now a vocal angel.

  • Simon

    So let me get this straight, there are a bunch of racist and sexist comments but stuf isn't in here spewing forth his self-righteous, extreme political correctness crap?

  • NickM

    Stuf is pissed. They finally show him a black woman and shes a crackhead. What are the odds? Lol.

  • Troy

    Evidently she drowned in the bath tub….

    I guess black people really can't swim… Too soon?

  • Eat my dust

    Never too soon!

    I hope the body guard jumped in and got a good ride before she got too cold…

  • Anonymous

    She’s a Cunt. At least I capitalized the c.

  • j

    @ butler im well aware of the brigade and all…i wasnt directing my comment towards any specific webaite or person…it was just some food for thought thats all.

    @ sean im a sercive member as well

  • NickM

    Whats the difference between my car and
    Whitney Houston? My car can hit 50.

    What weighs 8 lbs, is black and starving? Whitney Houstons cat.

  • Anonymous

    Wow you guys are really stupid aren’t you and have no respect for other people. how would you like it if you lost your mum, sister or daughter in this way and all people could say was the kind of dumb shit you yanks are coming out with. you all need to take a look at your own sad little virgin lives before you moment on others.

  • Jazzyjeff

    All u kids need to chill with these wack comments. Let me know how u feel when your friend dies, punk ass white kids. But CCCO, am to the real chivers, thanks for the love.. Hit me up on twitter, your boy Jazzy Jeff. Ny the way I was in the studio recording a track when Whitney walked in and the place went quit with amazement. Trust she was a legend

  • Cal1

    Legend! Not really she only did bodygaurd and that was crap, and when did she go in the recording studio, the 80’s?

    Come on be serious, she’s no legend that word along with epic is used too flippantly, she was


  • Mike

    She had it coming. No sympathy from this guy. One less crack head to worry about.
    And she's the reason EVERYONE fucks up the National Anthem. Everyone tries to out do her. They are all musical terrorists. SING IT THE WAY IT WAS WRITTEN. It's not open to interpretation. It's not American Idol at the start of every sports event.

  • Anonymous

    Two comments above are obviously from a couple of Dick heads. Yeah fucking up the national anthem that’s a big pain in the arse isn’t it, get real you dumb ass yanks and don’t let yourselves down by blurting out all this shit. I don’t think you win as many awards as she did if your only average. jeez you can’t even die in peace anymore.

    • Cal1

      I’m not a yank

      I’m not blurting shit

  • Anonymous

    Who cares if she was a legend or not …She was a person with lots of problems and no one helped.. Just stop talking shit.. Universal rule what goes around comes around.. Rip

  • Anonymous

    !!!!!!Chill chill just chive on and go look at some tits and ass.. Stop talking shit… Where is the love.. Karma will fuck everybody up.. Even If you in Alaska somewhere in da basement hiding and talking shit..!!

  • http://twitter.com/JDS2041 @JDS2041

    I didn't grow up in her prime, in fact her biggest hit was the song she sang with Mariah Carey for the movie The Prince of Egypt when i was growing up. To me it doesn't matter what her troubles were, her talent needs to be respected and her addiction doesn't change the fact that her song "I Will Always Love You" is the benchmark for up and coming singers today.

  • Harleyxx

    I hate to see anybody assume room temperature…but this really didn't come as no surprise.

    • Harleyxx

      I think I just used a double negative.

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