A floating five-star hotel (17 Photos)

Found via Jordi Puig, more at his site HERE

  • Mike

    #12 and #14 i wouldnt think doube beds would be necessary after paying that much for a cruise…whoever you are taking you better get lucky!

  • WoogyMonster

    A few too many beverages, a fistful of Viagra, prostitutes, and George from Wisconsin accidentally checked out overboard to the awaiting Amazon Pirranahs. They never found his pocket light saber….

  • Si1entStatic

    +1 if you are referencing Dethklok..

    • McMutt

      I'm going with Fitzcarraldo

      • ornette

        Finally, thank you.

  • Jammy

    Where's the pool?? cause I sure a shit ain't swimming in the river.

  • zombie

    But is it zombie proof?

  • jin

    And for God's sakes whatever you do, DO NOT go in the water

  • irons

    No fricken way, look how topheavy that boat is.

    One good fart and it will turtle.

  • bodykarmabella

    #12 if it were one bed I would be THERE!

    • Sofiul

      Posted on Baseball fans. The angry Bob was not for baseball . . . it was for rain. Today, Tomorrow, The Day After Tomorrow and The Day After The Day After Tomorrow!

  • Mat

    I have a hard time believing this wasn't designed specifically for a third Anaconda movie.

  • Furdurp

    This is worse than a bed and breakfast. At least you can walk out of them. Imagine romantic weekend and your boat mates are all spray tanned douches from Jersey. Suicide or murder your only way out.

  • Aggie29

    Don’t feed the troll.

  • gordo54

    …a remarkable way to see that part of the world… for the well-heeled? Yes, definitely… but what a way to go.

  • rudekevin

    Almost $7,000 for a seven night cruise plus airfare and cost of drinks. Yikes, but looks cool if you had a group that could go together.

  • Gallus

    These folks have two cruise boats. A full seven day cruise costs about $6,000 USD. Too rich for me. In addition, there are at least two instances that I know of when one of the ships was boarded by pirates. The passengers were all robbed at gunpoint. Not my idea of a cruise or the kind of "adventure" I want. – But the pictures sure do look nice.

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  • Kabo

    Posted on ok, actually, the man in quetoisn was Boston Athletic Association founder Robert Clark. And he was speaking about the actual Boston Marathon. But I think the same principal applies.

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