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  • Surely

    Kill it! Kill it till its dead!

  • NickM

    Whats the difference between Whitney Houston and a PT Cruiser? A PT Cruiser can hit 50.

  • Mongo

    i’m a Jesus fan and i thought 31 was funny.

    at this time in Jesus’s life Adam and eve had not been forgiven of their sins so he had every right to state this.

    But there is an obvious slant against christian humor with chive and it would be great to see some JW muslim and hindu humor just to mix the pot. unless your afraid of them.

    • Jawbone

      How very passive-aggressive of you. Fuck off with your Christianity.

    • junior

      Agreed, I did find it funny myself,, Jesus had a sense of humor…but yes there is a definite Christian bias here, and we may have done it to ourselves, letting the far right co-op our faith. Jesus ain't Rick Perry folks…He's more Bono,

  • Kyle

    #4 haha
    I love it too when people "Thank Jesus" for their life-saving operation.
    Uh, don't you think the surgeon's twenty years of training and experience had something to do with it?

    • NofxFan

      Couldn't agree more! But that's using logic and reason. For shame!

  • NickM

    Hey Stuf, there are African Americans on chive. Check #17.

  • Waylon

    #1 Still trying to find the artist in this picture…

    • brian

      amen to that

  • double stuff

    awww someone didn't make the DAR… life's hard

  • El Barto

    BET is owned by anglos, which is why Blacks don't even watch it anymore. There's websites for whatever you want on the internet, if you don't find something that pleases you, you have the ability to not visit it. The fact that you do, shows support. I think its funny how people who cry "racist" have never experienced it first hand. I for one prefer my women light skinned. Shit the paler the better I say. Nothing wrong with the brown ladies as I am brown myself. Its all a personal preference, and free will bringing me to The Chive. KCCO fo life

  • Luis

    LQL had me LOL

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit stuf… Go occupy something, like a graveyard. Just think u can squat on a bunch of stiffs

  • Kris

    #2… there was a J-Lo wannabe sitting on a dog's lap.

    I'm sorry, that was insulting to dogs.

  • mruriani

    OMG ! Is there not a site where people can just laugh or does everything have to be about PC subjects only! Stuf, occupy another site! Better yet , fix ur life not everyone’s else’s !

  • BuckersAZ

    #8 pretty sure Chuck Norris didnt even bring his A game if that's all he broke.
    #12 Seems legit…Who knows what those cow's could be eating…oh yeah GRASS lol

  • Geoluvin

    Stuf, its people like you that ruin awesome things. I can guarantee you that almost no one will sign your petition or visit your website. And if by some miracle someone does, it will probably be because someone is going to bash your views and thoughts. Don’t come to a place where us loyal Chivers love and appreciate what the guys at the Chive do for us. And what they do is make our lives a little better everyday by giving us something to laugh at, love, and blow our minds. In my opinion, you and people like you, who like to ruin good things, are no better than that Phelps family from Westborrow Baptist Church. Maybe you should go hang out with them, they might have some insight for you on how to suck even further at life.


    • Steohawk

      Stuf is just a troll. Judging by his last paragraph, he/she is about as serious as a Will Ferrell movie.

  • warlax

    #15 makes me laugh

    • yeowman

      this is Vlad the Impaler aka Dracula

  • Art Vandalay

    Stuf says can suck a bag of dicks!

  • ChiTownChiver

    #8 Funny as hell but how do you misspell "Totally"? You ratard

  • nfloridarednek

    #5…….I work with this guy.

  • Noname

    #3 is now my signature on my email at work. Love it

  • alwayssunnyinfortmac


    LOL so funny and totally true

  • Niitsitapi13

    #20 Katy Perry should be seen and not heard. I'm not a chauvinist, I simply speak the truth.

    • choppers

      This would be real easy to photoshop something in her hand and behind her……..

  • Austin

    I laughed hard at #20 not sure why but found it hilarious… it real?

    • Steohawk

      Unfortunately, it's real. Just one more sign that the world is going to end soon.

  • mark t.

    To Stuf, I feel like you haven’t truly thought this one out. Do you really want to take on a group as loyal as us? We raised over $30,000 for charity in a day, we helped a couple win the wedding of their dreams. So I say this, bring it on, if you think all that was impressive you don’t know the s$#t storm we could bring down if given a reason to unite for OUR website! KCCO

  • Niitsitapi13

    #25 Tonight on the Theory Channel…..

  • combatical

    My hair is a bird. Your argument is invalid.

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