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  • phoenixxviii

    Can we get a chive update on #8????

  • Steohawk

    Obvious troll is obvious. His/her lack of seriousness becomes self-evident during the last paragraph.

  • Nargon

    I thought I'll write an angry comment but then I thought – what's the use? smart one knows already and stupid won't listen. Go'n find a seagull and paint it black, moron

  • jaydub

    #20 photoshop ready

  • etcrr

    #2 This is just my luck. never fails

  • Dukeofohio

    #1 makes songs about how cool it is to steal …. says kill snitches … gets the man involved when people think his shit ant worth paying for

  • Bryan_W

    #30 I laughed.

  • Captain Obvious

    #2 Meanwhile…at the STD you avoided….

  • jaydub

    angry black man is angry….perhaps you can make your own site called "the melon" or ""the rib" or "the charlem" kinda like the chive chicago/venice, chicago/harlem- charlem…you can have posts like "no tan line tuesday" or "excessively huge humpday" or "daily morning or afternoon drive by" or "pit bull saturday" or "weave wednesday" or "my job sucks" oops scratch that one…..then all us white folk can leave impossibly long rants and requests for you to put more whitey in your photos…

    • Simon

      stuf isn't black, he's a guilty white liberal.

      Or, he's more likely a college student or recent graduate who thinks that he has it all figured out.

      And the "Chive is sexist and exploitative" crap is just that. He's just saying it because he thinks it will impress girls.

  • thealmightybeerman

    stuf is just trying to make the world a better place but is going about it all wrong. to truly make the world a better place he would tie his boot strings together and hang himself.

  • Dan

    Absolutely best post I've seen in a while! Kudos! Chive on!

  • FLoWWaKe

    #2 noM nom nom

  • NewYearsEvil

    #8 you spelled totally wrong..

  • Bootron

    #3 would make a great chive t-shirt…make it happen.

  • SadeShadz


    • SadeShadz

      That's racist! xD

  • Japan

    You should do more caption posts

  • cadylove

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  • Carlos SLB

    #7 Ohh shit, he must be starving!!!

  • John Robert

    All sorts of awesome. The girl on the right is so beautiful, I would marry her right NOW.

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