Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • NavyChiver

    #26 is a fake it was a for commercial

  • Jimballs

    #16 MOAR!

  • dewd

    #16, I effin love you! Will you marry me!!!

  • Anonymous

    #49 pleeeeeeeeeeeease, pretty fukn please find her….. MOOOOOOAAAAARRRR!!!!

  • Canuckian

    I'm snowed in too. Would be much easier to handle if I were with #47

  • Jarod

    PLEASE GET MOAR #16!!!

  • Will

    #16 Naturally lovely.. MOAR PLZ!

  • mondo

    16 MOAR PLEASE!!

  • http://thechive.com/ cubanitagirl

    #14 too cute
    #22 I want!!!

  • da goober

    #39 need I say it really?

  • da goober

    Sorry! My bad….#49.

  • http://o the brandon

    16… don’t know what to say, except for DDDDDAMN GIRL.

  • Kel

    32: fail

  • Oddie Monsta

    #16 Jesus take the wheel

  • Dave

    #28 is just awesome

  • Cody Sutton

    A lot more of #16 please! Like to see her on hump day to see the other side!

  • Dave
  • Mike

    #28 mother of god.

  • Maui Brent

    #26 Who cares… it's F'n Hilarious!!!!!

    • World be free

      and 6th why the hell would a carrier fleet be near Canada they have more important regions to be in

      • Admiral Ackbar

        Its a trap!

  • Luis

    What do the leters in 25″ said!!!!!!! Cant see them!!!!

  • http://thechroniclesofitaly.wordpress.com berniestowe

    #3 is great…#7 get me on that airline…and #47 damnit i wish i was snowed in with you

  • burn1D0WN

    i wanna fly whatever airline #7 works for
    Love #16 's curves!!! love so see her tush

  • Machine_head

    11… Dammit I gate when they get me with that shit
    26… Still funny

  • Chief choctaw red

    #49 I am praying again to sweet lil baby white jesus for her to send MOAR!!!

  • Baseball34

    Never commented on a post before but #16 deserves it!

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