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Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Dano

    #13…I would like this hottie from toe to toe 😉

  • Jacob

    #2 I feel your pain. Help each other out?
    #33 Han Solo, actually.

    • Jacob

      Dammit, #23

    • Fred

      That's kirksville, MO, everyone there is forever alone, even when they're with someone

  • CP7

    #8 #13 YES

  • @lukeskynski

    #22 the bride is quite the looker

  • thomas Jackson

    #29… really???? Omg

  • DaBox

    #4 – Whats this!? Penn Tech on the Chive!?

  • Cat

    #6 will come in handy during the zombie apocalypse. 😀

  • just_some_guy

    #12 is what happens when you invite Uri Geller over for dinner.

  • Dan

    #26 Having girls look at you like that all day must be stressful.


    #13 find HEr MOar

  • Boss Hog

    #10 Been there, done that.

  • Shazi007
  • cecep

    #1 search this: tong setang

  • Binteresting

    #19 It's official. Pau Gasol IS a turkey. Just look at those useless stubby wings.

    • FUK U

      Yeah, useless you say? Better than Garnett, Duncan, Nowitzki this year… And moreover, he was right as mr. cyborg did something wrong just before the gif started

  • Horseflesh

    #24 Mother nature is a clever bitch, perfectly placed bar stools, electricity, underwater lighting, and a goddamn lamp. Nature's splendor on full display.

  • Zoooe

    Who's the guy #26?

    • colleen

      Alexander Skarsgard…. aka Vampire Eric Northman from Trueblood

  • 4acesusaf

    #13 Ahhh, the possibilities…

  • trishnicoleee

    #26 – if I were in her position, I would have the same expression…

  • lily

    #29 meanwhile in Russia…

  • irons

    #13 Instant boner. I'm in serious love here.

  • MMZX

    #1 Come with me if you want to live

  • tommytwotime

    #13 could end bad… #16 best thing I've ever seen

  • AllanA

    #13 I can look at this picture for hrs, we definitely need more of her

    #30 That's fucking skills!

  • bobo

    Seriously chive. Fuck off auto-play video ads

  • crackerjack

    #3 everyone email 🙂

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