Damn right it’s Monday, now let’s mind some gaps.

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  • ODO

    Ive never read anything more fucking stupid in my life, and trust me I read watership down in 7th grade. I that that shit was dumb, but this brings about a whole new level of fucking idiot. So congrats you just opened the flood gate to a website, and community who have some of the most loyal supporters I have ever seen.

  • Kevin

    Moar 25 38 & 27

  • Faraday

    #28 Moar!!!

  • Izzy Price

    #27 holy sheeit. Lets hang out.

  • its_forge

    Die. Of terminal. Crotch rot. Immediately.

  • Thurgood

    double stuf-

    Yo, faux bro, you need to up the estrogen. Keep pounding the oreos, cupcake.

  • Seven1nine

    # 35 Its like a gap within a gap

  • http://www.news4iphone.com/2012/02/13/ashanti-shows-cleavage-and-other-fine-things-to-ogle/ Ashanti Shows Cleavage and Other Fine Things to Ogle :News4iPhone

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  • smiley

    #34 need more!

  • http://famefeeder.com/2012/02/possibly-nsfw-ashanti-shows-cleavage-and-other-fine-things-to-ogle/ [Possibly NSFW] Ashanti Shows Cleavage and Other Fine Things to Ogle | Fame Feeder

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  • stuf is gay


  • Ian

    If you have a problem with it dont come to the site, simple as that, people like you make me sick that have to make a race issue out of everything, there are plenty of things in America not geared towards my Irish-American and Native American background but you wont hear me b@tching and moaning, just enjoy it for what it is and if you choose not to thats your right too, maybe get yourself an African American girlfriend and have her post to the Chive, or tell some of your female African American friends to post, that is assuming that you have any since it appears to me that you must spend a lot of time coming to a website that you dont even like, Chive's editors honestly seem like a great group of people and I would bet my life that there is not a hint of intended racism, if you wanted to really effect change instead of ruining the fun for everyone why not apply to get a job as an editor if they are hiring

    • mouchette

      Not one period used.

  • majorfathead

    No now stfu

  • sureman123

    #1 is just wow…

  • sureman123


  • MattKL

    #5 Such a cutie. Great smile!

  • Dan

    Don't worry GAP I will always be here for you!! Thank you

  • Chammy

    #35 for the win🙂

  • Hal


    and his dying words were 'While I pray for lockjaw"

  • Kevin

    #35 – the GOAT of toes!

  • chukis13

    #27 and #38 are perfection.

  • The NS

    #35….my hero

  • J.L.

    25, 27 & 35 mooooooaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrr !!!!!!

  • James

    #10 #32 find them please????

  • Jo L

    # 35 = Awesome!!! Moar!!!!!

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