Damn right it’s Monday, now let’s mind some gaps.

  • http://Chive Hector

    If your reading this#35 , I Love u.

  • gordo54

    #4 and #35 — damned delicious! MOAR!

    • gordo54

      …and yes, #5, too… good gawd!

  • Big JR

    #35 made me pass out

  • it's me

    to the thousands who commented on 35, it's kari sweets http://www.babeunion.com/gallery/2009/06/kari-swe

    you guys owe me big time

  • hmcby

    #25 Love the Bridge, Moar Please

  • http://twitter.com/JDS2041 @JDS2041

    How can you choose just one!! oh god!!

  • Korz

    #35 #10 Holi moli… oooossshh!

  • http://smokinhotgirlfb.blogspot.com/ Angie Varona
  • Anonymous

    #35 #35 did I say 35more

  • V.M.

    What the flying F*CK are you talking about…?
    "Together we can change"? Into what? I have never seen another site having such loyal followers, no matter if they are black, red, yellow, white or fucking purple. Which other site can you wear a shirt with the slogan, and get high fives and cheers from random fellow fans all over the world?

    You want to have more pictures of sexy, black chicks, right? Then why encourage users to report TheChive on facebook as sexually exploitative? If the site had more black chicks, in other words, then it wouldn't be sexually exploitative? ** COME ON **
    Additionally, if you want to have a quick view of the audience appreciating "Black is beautiful", just compare the amount of comments on that album to a "There are sexy chivers among us"-album.
    Wake up – you are bitter, delusional and maybe even plain stupid.

    I sense a hidden agenda here, perhaps a competing site? Referring to the "shut them down"-thing.

    Get out from the site, and stay out

  • Anonymous

    #38 bangin body

  • cheeseftw

    Man, I need some bottomless gaps

  • carlito

    #35 makes me stop like for five minutes MOAR PLEASEEE

  • nathan

    #35 is amazing

  • Elizabeth

    Desperate for attention! Keep these photos for your boyfriend or husband, grow some self respect! PS I'm not a hater, I have an incredible body, my fiance knows this, but I don't have the need to broadcast scantily clad photos of myself over the internet to strangers for free as I have dignity. I just don't think that woman should be portraying themselves as objects to the general public for attention and lustful comments from men that are complete strangers. I am a strong believer in self love, attention from your significant other so you don't have the need to crave all of the sexual attention and of course, self respect.

    • Usuck

      Shut up

  • koldnutz

    #21 has a banging gap and an awesome body! MOAR!!!!!

  • AmericoPolk

    #27 is awesome fantastic

  • Anonymous

    38 is crazy hot. Moar please

  • Calvin

    #35 Words cannot describe. Moar!

  • Dingu


  • twb

    #28 and #37 moar MOAR moar!!!!!

  • EhWok

    #10 #24 #30 #35 #37
    Top 5, Well done Chive

  • bob

    very very nice

  • Weston

    # 28, u look familiar, Kendra by chance?

  • Steve

    I am a black man. Went to college and received my bachelors degree. This site is among the many that I enjoy. This being the best! I don’t care what color another person is. Good people are good people. Why even make stupid comments about what these women do or this site is posting? Honestly not many black people know of this site therefore u will not see many black female pictures. Get a life, it doesn’t matter. Keep calm and fuckin chive on.

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