Damn right it’s Monday, now let’s mind some gaps.

  • Steve

    Oh yeah #40u is my favorite. Great ass

  • chivedude

    #37…………..PERFECTION! nuff said.

  • cakalikiy

    #3 is soooooo hot.

    • Gera

      I lean towards Richard’s tipusd questions assessment. In analyzing these hypotheticals, I hope most of the participants have very strong anti-murder biases. So when the framing starts to get suspiciously absurd ( so you’re saying that pushing someone in front of a runaway trolley will stop the trolley? How does that even work? ) then you start to fight our ability to model the trade-off. In other words, it’s easy to imagine the murder part, and it’s viscerally repellent. It’s hard to imagine the body-stops-tram part, so it becomes absurd (and not obviously worth the trade). In the real world, even among the relatively rare circumstances of human sacrifice saving lives, it tends to be a voluntary sacrifice ( I am going out. I may be some time ) or a situation where all the participants are manifestly imperiled, and not randomly, involuntarily recruited into a new circumstance.

  • Anonymous

    Hows this stuf? Fuck you, you dumb nigger. Now you have a legit complaint. Your welcome.

  • The_exotik1

    Please fine #24

  • Charles

    I’m cuirous if you ever have problems with what people post? Honestly the internet used to be like a different place, except that recently it seems to have become better. Do you agree?

  • R James

    #27, #21, #17, #10, #8
    The business

  • http://theChive John. A-Team gpor crew

    14,17,35 all look like dessert :)~

  • Ken

    Mmm! 27 and 38! I can feel the tasty firmness!!

  • dave

    #36 marry me

  • beeneverywhere

    #35 is hands down the best pudendum in many a moon!!!

  • tbaker67

    #35…simply gap perfect.

  • David

    picture #1 is of my ex girlfriend. Unfortunate for you we are still friends and she has contacted me regarding the photo which was taken from a private photo album. I ask kindly that the photo be removed before I must threaten legal action. This photo was not public property and does not belong on this forum. Thank you.

  • TEK

    #10 is amazing!!!

    • Jordy

      Yeah, even a guy who doesn’t measure up to cmomon standards can have an exciting and interesting life if he’s passionate about it. It will draw people in regardless.What is this guy’s lifestyle like?

  • 1sik7

    where do you find all these girls???

  • Morgan

    #32 she lookes retared

    • Bossboss

      She11y on August 9, 2011 @CherylKimberleylover Yeah I was just thinking about that the other day! That would’ve been the most rculiiiods luxury SUV ever!

  • Merp

    #28 goingcoastalx33.tumblr.com

  • freezer boy

    #2,#8,#14,#38,#40 very beautiful.

  • Chris M

    Douche bag extreme

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