Damn right it’s Monday, now let’s mind some gaps.

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  • Common

    If you dont like tacos, dont eat tacos, if you dont like the chive dont f*ckin look at it.. Easy. Racism exists because people like you make it exist

  • Oregon_country

    #40 i wouldnt mind waking up to that view every morning

    • Roll Tide

      Fat chick — making you breakfast???

      • Oregon_country

        No a real woman… making me breakfast

  • john82

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  • moar boar


  • P90

    Excellent post, lots of great gaps.

  • Bubba

    #40 is perfect in so many ways! Man!

    • Mike Oxlong

      Fat Chick — get away from the fridge and on the treadmill


    35 for sure needs her own post!!! No face, just moar of the toe!!!

  • T

    22 needs to be found and featured, like, yesterday!

  • tone

    Damn this group of girls are too skinny! Where’s all my healthy thick girls at??

  • tone

    Ps. I think 40 is probably the sexiest girl featured here. Definitely not fat.. just sexy

  • Mike

    #15 shopped. You can see it on the inside of the thighs.

  • Parker

    #35. What a lovely cameltoe

    • adam

      Love the little extra besides the gap!! Tiny toe is a fave of mine!

  • http://www.kongregate.com/ Gee 2

    I do so enjoy Minding the Gaps.:) They are all so nice, so nice indeed!

  • dino

    #35 Chive folk, I think you found the perfect gap OMFG powerfap!

  • Keepcalm

    #39 Love the toe and great gap

  • V.M.

    PERFECT lines. MOAR plz

    • twb


  • http://www.nflguess.com kevin

    #2 #9 #10 #17 #38

    Sweet Sweet Jesus!

  • The Real World

    Well, OK.

  • Milkman

    #5, #10, #15, #20 and #35 are GAPtastic!

  • Dirty Dave

    I like to refer to this gallery as Monkey Monday instead of mind the gap.

  • Agent_Chuck


    You are the poster child for contraception, seriously, if I was a right minded Chiver the only thing I would be doing to your gmail account is finding some nice newsletters to receive.

    You can by all means report the Facebook, however they have a relaxed attitude to idiots as not one single user submission on this site is coerced or exploitative.

    You have also been laughing promising a website, I doubt this will appear, as we seriously doubt you have a PR/lobby firm on your retainer.

    Most import you are in fact, by trying to impose your preferences and will on an independent site, in essence being racist yourself with your views.

  • Max

    #28 #35 #37 Yess please!

  • Eli

    #4 and #35 may have just ruined my girlfriend for me for life…

  • Mark V

    moar, moar, MOAR…please!!! #25 #35

  • Steve

    BET and NAACP are quite racist, and yet I enjoy them. It's where I can view attractive black people

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