…or we could just blow Val. Day up with a GBU 28-C/B from a B-2 (13 HQ Photos)

  • etcrr

    While the GBU-28 is an incredible penetration bomb, I want them to drop the GBU-57 30,000 lb bomb

  • Morad

    I was always a big fan of hlilfafe. HL2 was a favorite as well. I remember mapping and skinning my old college for use on HL for multiplayer games against other company squads. Yes I went to military school, and yes I stayed up most nights playing HL untill my eyes bleed and my fingers hurt.

  • http://www.indiandefence.com/forums/military-photos-videos/29737-loading-5-000lb-bunker-buster-into-b-2-a.html#post311808 Loading a 5,000lb bunker buster into a B-2

    […] Photos of the GBU 28-C/B from a B-2 : theBRIGADE Reply With Quote […]

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