So fine they should be found (29 Photos)

  • Karl


  • dedubs

    #7 really? y'all must be new. However, #20 OMFG PLEASE FIND!!!111

  • Lugh

    #2 must be found, as must #20.

    • Armed Ann Dangerous

      #2 is unreal!

      • Unfkngblvbl

        agreed…am I the only one that has a thing for one-piece bathing suits?

      • louis

        The girl you seek is Behati Primsloo, a VS model

        • NorChuckis

          Are you sure? They look similar, but there's just something different…

    • Massoom

      can't help it – reminds me a bit of Bar Refaeli

    • Woody

      You're all wrong guys, #2 is Camille Rowe, a french model.
      You're welcome

  • Hokie08

    Please. Find. Her. #2

    • louis

      Behati Prinsloo

    • Bluto

      This subject is relevant to my prurient interests…

  • oltimey


  • nfloridarednek

    #14…..Nuff said!

    • Username Taken

      Careful what you wish for…That could be a dude.

      • nfloridarednek

        LOL you damn sure made me look at the pic again.

      • Fred

        Doesn't metter, had sex!

        • JJ McClure

          That's my ol'lady looking for her lost phone… again. It happens when she drives that car.

  • Hokie08

    Yes to #10 and #17

    • tdog

      #17 – Carisha – nsfw google

      • Brian

        You can find lots of her at, where she's sort of their "queen of naked girls."

      • ....

        Have the rarest of Bj scenes that needs to be found too!

    • AdmiralAckbar

      #10 is KansasKelly from MyfreeCams, also not NSFW

      • AdrenalineFiend

        Also on twitter @kansaskelly

  • Dan

    Way too many black chicks. Guess the trolls are winning. Also #6 is Stacy Dash.

    • john

      or we are not all scared little boys like you

    • Unfkngblvbl

      wow, there's a lot of FAIL right there^^^

    • Ozz

      That is NOT Stacey Dash..

    • Dano

      Way too many racists. Guess the Aryans are winning.



    • GrayDog
    • Craigery

      Three strikes, Dan, you're out.

    • Jduce

      4 out of 29 is "way too many black chicks" No wonder the trolls keeps bombing the site. And that is not Stacy Dash, thanks for playing.

      • Bob

        Dan, hot chicks are hot chicks no matter their race. Bring on the babes. Why limit your choice to one colour…

        • OpMongoose

          Fuck a-A bob you said it! But we spell it color … We still love yous guys though!

    • lexie

      a) asshole
      b) not Stacey Dash
      c) evolution clearly skipped over you

    • Hud

      It looks like Brandy Talore, I did read she got more ink on her right side, though I'm not sure it's her.

  • Armed Ann Dangerous

    #29 please!

    • zoomba

      The sunburn and freckles look is such a win.

      • Ken

        Best one on the find her!!!

      • dedubs

        if you ever talk to a girl in real life go with "sun-kissed."Ssaying you love her sexy sunburn won't get you very far.

        • Jay

          Her eyes are amazing. Almost as great as the boobs.

    • neomort

      Kinda want to say Chloe Lamb NSFW

      • quailman


    • chad

      looks like an ex of mine…doubt it is but very close and the ex had the most amazing ass ever. Dated her in orlando, fl.

      • forever alone

        i live in orlando. pics of this supposed ass would be relevant to my interests.

    • Rpcola

      This looks like Tasha from Houston area.

  • Bryan

    #18 you could be my waitress any day

    • My Boy Blue

      Customers can see themselves while dropping a log. Funky public bathroom setup.

      • blunt

        i think you are missing the point…

    • Bryan_W

      Yes, please find. I will order everything off the menu for you.

    • CalculatedRisk

      Yeah, let's play a game of 'just the tip'…

  • Tyler Durden

    #16, #21 & #29 FIND FIND FIND!!!

    • JimmyBoPeep

      #16 is Playboy cyber model Kari Nautique. You can follow her on Twitter @Kari_Nautique

      You're welcome.

      • Bill

        Nobody said thank you

        • staticnoise

          hard to say thank you when fapping.

      • Solitaire

        Went to high school with her. Hot before the boob job, and now, damn.

  • alex


    • Mr.Casey

      Not even close

    • Carl Screaming

      Oh wow, you make it out to be so big. your such a big man, but i bet that's just your ego : /

  • ScrottyMcBugerBalls

    #7 is the whore Jenn Sterger… super whore… tried to extort / blackmail Bret Favre for sending him pictures of his junk…

    • Dave O

      that's not jenn sterger, it's some russian chick but i can't think of her name

    • Ned Plimpton

      Ya, she was completely out of line…

    • anony

      definitely not

    • Waylon

      Not Jenn Sterger. Jenn also never asked for a dime.

    • fapper

      Pretty sure its LG

    • Craigery

      1) That's not Jenn Sterger. 2) Favre (a married man) took pictures of his junk and sent them to her. Stop trying to make him out to be a victim.

      • ScrottyMcBugerBalls

        If you think she didn't bait him to send those then your trippin… she is a whore… and always will be… yes that is jenn sterger… google it dumbfack…

        brett is the man and everyone should know it..

        • Lugh

          Favre is an idiot. Not only was he married, but he was terminally stupid– women don't get turned on by seeing a picture of a misshapen penis, nor do they get turned on by old guys past their prime who have always thrown too many interceptions. With all those great teams around him, Favre only won ONE superbowl.

          • wantomas

            Women like Sterger are turned on by checking accounts and social status. He could have a dick shaped like a J and still get uber ass.

    • Deadmr2

      Could be Lauren Vickers?

  • HowdyY'all

    #23 For the Love of KCCO and Jebus Christmas!!!!

  • Alex

    #29 those eyes

    • Marc

      Which eyes ?

      • Jack_LeMac

        I'm working diligently to set up a charity fund for people (many, many Chivers included) that have the somewhat rare, very specific ocular disorder known as "Boob blindness." Those affected display an unnatural disability to see anything besides large breasts and rear-ends in photographs that undoubtedly include far many other things. Cases run the gamut from mild (not noticing the color of a wall) to seemingly debilitating (i.e. not being able to notice an entire other part of the woman's body (see above comment)).

    • Bubba

      Eyes? C'mon Alex! Was your gf hoovering over your shoulder when you typed this comment?

    • rgamsh

      Gotta agree, the eyes caught me first..

  • steve

    #17 is 100% a pornstar just letting everyone know because I have seen the rest of that gallery 🙂

    • Bud

      Link or it's a lie

      • cdwild26

        ginger lee

    • Dwah

      well then what this hellz her name ya selfish bastard!

    • Shade

      Name, please…

    • GrayDog
      • Brian

        Bing?? Really??

    • Al W

      Nude model or pornstar? There is a difference

      • Porn expert

        Agreed, I hate when people call them porn stars, unless she's taking huge dick up the ass on film, she's not a porn star. Plus, one must be well known in porn to be considered a "star". She's a nude model.

        • OnehandJack

          OK then…correction. She's a nude model that just so happens to let people film her giving some dude a blowjob.

          • not a pornstar

            She only has that one scene.which unfortunately been wiped out off the internet.

  • Martin McFly

    #29 has been on here a lot… And I think the masses will agree. WE NEED HER!

    • AdamBaldick

      #25 .. gimme.. and yes.. #29

      • AdamBaldick

        and I mean #24.. I confuse myself

    • swenka

      I thought I recognized her at first, but unless she's had some chest-growth, it's not her 😦

  • @lukeskynski

    #4 find her yet?…….how about now?…….how about now?

  • tom

    #12. honestly, people would want to find her

    • Skeez

      Im am almost sure that is the chick that lost her eye to a pair of scissors in Hostel

  • Spencer_on_Fire

    Definitely need more of #21

  • MOAR

    #2 Don't underestimate the one piece. Find MOAR!

    • dedubs

      I know its just the angle, but…

  • jake

    #5 must of been put in by mistake

    • FoCoLivin

      Looks like the Chive is trying to appease that "stuf" asshole who keeps calling the Chive racist and saying their posts have no ethnic girls.

      • Penrath

        May be hot…if you are into that kind of thing (I'm not Judging)…just saying

        Firstly: She is not "Black" She is a mix of Thai (Possibly North Eastern AKA: Isan) and Black.
        Secondly: This is a dude..I saw him outside Nana Entertainment Plaza in Bangkok.
        Thirdly: I like a nice rack…

    • Cowboy

      What brand of magic marker did she use on her eyebrow?

      • Dirty Dingus

        It was a Sharipe. #3 Chisel tip.

        • tapsnapornap


    • Hooka

      This girl is Damned beautiful. I would LOVE to see more.

    • jakeSbLueBalls

      you racist prick….shes beautiful!

    • Nick

      instagram -> chelsea_ciara

    • garbanzo bean

      No idea where your'e goin with this one chive…

    • WaterWalker

      I'm pretty sure #5 is a dude…….. Well done plastic work, but a dude none the less.

  • rdtele

    25 = Hayley Marie Norman

    • jojo

      Mary Jane?

    • smokeypast

      i think its Genelle Williams

  • iguardo

    hahaha, I know who number 26 is, worked with her, and I know the guy who took the photo too.

    • Martin McFly

      Cool story Bro!

    • Lefty8

      Uh oh, we've got a badass here…

    • OhThankGod

      Actually, no, you don't. 😦

    • Craigery

      I know her too. She hangs out at bars in Tucson, AZ. She's a huge slut.

      • whodat924

        informing me of how much of a slut she is really takes the romance out of it. I like to think all chivettes are smart, funny, beautiful, and not a whore. Unfortunately, reality is you can only pick two…

  • justin

    #22 #27 I'll second the motion to find these two..

    • JG3

      #27 is Montana Fishburn…I think

      • @mikeydangerous

        Definitely is not Montana.

      • bob

        nope, but i already "found" her in the original thread. forget name atm, but its there.

    • Al H
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