Would you live in the Fincube? (12 photos)



    • DougB

      your an idiot

      • theonehodge

        I agree he's an idiot, but it is 'you're'…sorry.

        • aaaa

          Hey, mind you're own business over their

          • haha


          • joeyb

            it's there not their

            • Munyshot

              It is you're, not your, and it is there not their. You're not using your brain or theirs over there are you? Also, what's with the 'First' posts all the time. No one cares.

              • OhThankGod

                Thank you Munyshot, for FINALLY telling them how it is! This "first" madness will can finally come to an end now!

    • 65massey

      I could have been first, but my son swallowed some Scrabble tiles. I think going to the bathroom could spell trouble. I'm not looking forward to that vowel movement.

  • Amigo

    ikea makes houses now?

  • pffftbbbttttt


  • Shawn

    #10 I really like that you have a Titlest there, so you can try to pitch onto your neighbours roof.

    • http://www.thechive.com AdamBaldick

      I concur my friend

  • Ned Plimpton

    Ummmm, sure… I'd live in a Fincube….. On another note, congrats to Whitney Houston on her 3rd day of sobriety!

    • Shawn

      Lol, you Sir made my day!

    • Honest

      Too soon??

    • Takingbackcider

      I'm pretty sure she's shot up with Embalming fluid tho….

    • Dorkfish

      I know I shouldn't but, I laughed

    • Strypes

      That's cold…. Not as cold as Whitey but…

      • Brutal Deluxe

        God damn Whitey

  • cornbinder55


    • SweetBen

      Swing and a miss there, champ.

    • punchy

      not even freakin close

  • mig

    Perfect for the horror movie death I've always wanted….

  • tomas


    • Billy

      you have none

      • Doug

        Billy has them in his mouth

  • Rockomon

    Sure, if Karen McDougal moved in with me.

  • Brutal Deluxe

    Where do you masturbate without anybody seeing you?

    • Hassel Shattnerhoff

      who cares if they see you, I say let 'em watch

      • chels

        dumb reply. not original or funny and no one thinks youre cool for saying something that you thought might be mildly shocking or off the wall. Also the 'em doesnt make you sound cool or reckless. it makes you sound like a huge faggot. Also your name hassel shatternhoff is retarded and points to the obvious fact that your sense of humor is predictable, follows trends, and is about a year behind the rest of intelligent society. Have fun emailing chuck norris jokes to your friends for the rest of the day.

        • Google

          You just wrote 100 word essay. You are awarded 0 points.

        • zthorns

          Dumb reply to a reply. A poor attempt at being original or witty, and no one thinks you're cool for saying something condescending to sound intelligent. Also, the lack of grammar in your short essay contradicts your intelligence. It just makes you seem like a huge bitch. Also, your name chels isn't cute, you just gave yourself a nickname of your own name. It just points to the obvious fact that you "think" your sense of humor is above someone elses, and that your bashing of someone on the internet it is predictable, follows trends, and everyone gives " " many fucks. Have fun making annoying, opinionated facebook statuses that no one cares to hear for the rest of the day.

          • Fan of zthorn

            Nice! and very true.

      • Jack_LeMac

        DAMN Hassel, how does it feel to get burned by quite possibly the coolest commenter the internet has ever seen?

  • Seriously

    Where is the TV?

  • Hassel Shattnerhoff

    Yes, in a heartbeat, where do I sign up for the test run?

  • dr.own

    Its like Ikea built a house, I wonder if it comes with directions?

  • Hiptastic Hipster

    It's not a mobile home… it's European.

  • ancientlegacy

    Seems like kinda a fire hazard.

    Too many windows,
    "people in glass houses s-s-s-sink sh-sh-ships"

    But yeah, i'd live there.

    • ToneSinclair

      dont you mean loose lips sink ships???

    • sadman

      "I gotta buy you, like, a proverb book or something. This mix and match shit has got to go."

      • Jay

        "It's okay with me if your friends sleep over"

      • Chris

        And don't cross the road if you can't get out of the kitchen……Make like a tree and get the f*** outta here.

  • etcrr

    No thanks, A house you can dismantle and move, is a trailer home in disguise

    • fos

      you suck

      • Dr. Evil

        Let me guess someone stole your sweetroll

  • Brother Maynard

    Eh, not my first choice.

  • All methed up

    I want to go to there

  • Dorkfish

    I like it. How much?

  • p dangerously

    I had one of these as a kid. But, I think it used to be called an erector set. Way better then lincoln logs.

  • Guest

    Sure it looks great on top of a mountain, or in a vineyard, but in a where normal people live it would suck.

    • cvine

      Most definitely. All about the setting.

  • SykoFun

    yup, I cld, it looks abt like a 1/1 flat in London

  • http://thechive.com/ cubanitagirl


  • WTF

    listen im doing this the way everybody else does it..if thats not good enough then fuc off out of my life

    • kangaroo jack


  • Woody

    #2 Either those are big bushes or that's a tiny house.

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