Would you live in the Fincube? (12 photos)

  • Biskit

    Awesome! You fella 'mericans can't appreciate this, it does not burn and waste enough energy for you.

  • War war

    Looks like a automatic fall-apart Ikea house..

  • Anonymous

    I gotta admit, i thought biskit was gonna go on to say something about how that house would be ideal for his kangaroo raping ring that he has, since the house is movable and all

  • W. Klink

    rifiuti europei del rimorchio… euro trailer trash

  • zaedrus

    Floor plans, or it didn't happen.

  • sony

    nice house one can dream of!

  • http://twitter.com/Cenobitic @Cenobitic

    Absolutely amazing golf balls.

  • Mike


  • theBUSdriver

    future trailer park homes

  • sgt ross 1each

    Now why would you want to move it. Imagan if you put it back together and had extra parts

  • donQidic

    Sure. They're boxy….but they're good

  • Servus stari

    @ Bizkit, not all “mericans” drive hummers and waste natural resources while shooting off their guns yelling “get some!” like the average foreigner (I’m not labeling, I’m from the U.S so hence anyone outside would be considered a foreigner) thinks we do. You might possibly be an American yourself, if so… that’s just sad.

  • chicago

    I would be nice place to visit – not call Home. Not every interior corner in the place needs a 45.00002 degree angle on it.

    • Jason

      Right angles are, in fact 90 degrees. I’m assuming you knew that, just figured you may want to fix your comment. Don’t want people thinking you flunked jr high math.

  • psyde

    Human-sized bug zapper.

  • SC Johnson

    Better have a good supply of Pledge!

  • http://twitter.com/philsegal @philsegal

    In theory, it's great. From the website:

    "Build a simple and convenient cube home, put it on unused premises, add power supply and water connections, and move in"

    Except, WTF? Not like you can put it in a backpack and bring it over to wherever the heck I'm supposed to find the next 'unused premises' which just happens to be an idyllic location with a pre-cleared spot for my Fincube, and legal for me to move my no privacy, no security lighthouse.

    And "add power supply and water connections, and move in" isn't exactly like step #3 for making a cake or something.

    Sounds to me like someone should build a network of Fincubes and rent them out like a timeshare.

    • flio

      Buy a lot at a campground or somewhere like that and it would be great for the summer holidays. Timeshares would be cool too, cheap beach houses.

  • Piaras

    Does Pierce Brosnan do the voice?

  • Anonymous

    oh hells yeah

  • William Teach

    Where the hell's the TV? And the fridge for beer!

  • Nicher

    They should name it the "PSB"

    Portable Shit Box.

  • MrStealthMF

    how much?

  • NightGoddessMai

    Make it zombie proof, then maybe we'll talk.

  • Darren

    Hell effen yes I would!

  • https://www.facebook.com/shtafzetkajd Gordana-Doda Stetin

    Surely Aye!

  • Sonoko

    RE: The alternative to that is hanvig a ton of lighting equipment, and taking the shot over and over and over until you get the lighting right. It’s very time consuming.Really though, that is more a limitation of the camera than deceit. If you were in the house and focusing your eyes on a dim area your eyes would adjust. But when a camera is taking a wide picture of an entire room, it can’t adjust for each area (unless you use the method you described).

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