A few knockoffs for the Valentine that makes your heart say “meh” (26 Photos)

  • spicticus

    #8 Search Chop Kick Panda on Netflix (it's instant watch). It says "Not to be confused with the blockbuster Kung Fu Panda" yet the story is identicle (according to the description, I can't muster the strength to watch it).

    • drea619

      ive watched it with my son, story is actually pretty different I think they make the description sound similar to trick children lmao but its an ok movie with a interesting story line, im not gonna lie lol.

  • Anonymous

    Chop kick panda is actually not terrible, I watched it during a Disney knockoff movie marathon. Also mountain lightning is awesome

  • amrith777

    Looking at some of these and being a child of the 70's reminds me of one of the best things in my childhood–collecting Wacky Package Stickers! Hellz Yyeah!

  • Dude Imbibes

    #15 You think it's butter but you'd be wrong. So very very wrong

  • Tomato

    Sense of right alliance would be an awesome superhero team!!!! Youd see watch that cartoon. Lol

  • Andrew

    #14 Surprisingly tastes very close to Mountain Dew!

  • Jordan

    seems legit

  • http://cooldudestuff.com HairyKnuckles

    #16 is obviously shopped…

    • Craigery

      Not sure if joking or not…

  • PelMan420

    Why, it's The Super Clamber Man of course!

    • Intellect1618

      What this tells me is, there's a "Super Climber Man" out there…somewhere.

  • HoopleDoople

    #15, #21

    I Can't Believe it's Not I Can't Believe it's Not Butter!

  • SuperPants

    Ha! I almost bought #15 a few days ago.

  • Alpha0010

    The most convincing knockoff I have seen was "Shoupie". Similar to the knockoff Sharpie above, but even closer in appearance

  • drea619

    my son loves #8 its pretty good actually lol

  • jaydub

    #10 …where is the black chive spammer now???…shouldnt he be crying because there is no Black Labial???…

  • Jastogie

    Johnnie Worker: Red Labial!! Lol

  • Anonymous

    #5 looks like he has a red Wang

  • N

    #15 Texas Fuck Yeah!!

  • Drew

    I would totally buy The South Place!

  • handcuffkey

    #26 damn that is a TINY ass screen

  • http://www.funnypicturespro.com/12445/a-few-knockoffs-for-the-valentine-that-makes-your-heart-say-%e2%80%9cmeh%e2%80%9d-26-photos/ A few knockoffs for the Valentine that makes your heart say “meh” (26 Photos) | Funny Pictures Pro

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  • anonymous

    because fuck copyrights

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