Daily Morning Awesomeness (25 Photos)

  • Tatts

    where ever #11 is I want to go there

  • Etrain

    Where is #2 ?

    • Ron

      Alex bay on the st lawrence river between canada and the US. one island is actually in the US and the other in Canada

      • Joshua

        I thought it looked familiar. I'm glad you proved me not crazy.

  • dochandy


  • just_some_guy

    #2 Looks an awful lot like a house on Rt. 1 between Mass and NH.

    • Ron

      on the st lawrence river just by alexandria bay between new youk and canada.

  • mongoose5271

    #5 Is "Jackass" a style?

  • Alec

    on number two, i have been there before. it is in Alexandria Bay in New York State. One island is in America and the other is in Canada

  • Mutt

    #16 You know someone at scyfy saw this and is now banging out "The ScyFy Original movie: Sharktacopter"

  • Anonymous

    #22 Oh gooooood morning indeed! 🙂

  • Seldi84

    #16 Seems legit to me.
    #22 Who ever is lucky enough to wake up next to her each morning. Please note that i hate you out of pure jealousy.

  • michael bolton

    #9 a day to remember and emmure?

  • Beardy bean

    #13 pizza pizza Pizza PIZZA!!!!

  • Michael

    #2 is on the St. Lawrence River Between The US and Canada,Thousand islands. One island is in the US and one is in Canada.

  • bug_

    Fuck this.. #21

  • sgt ross 1each

    25 i wonder what he threw in the air

  • Dude Abides

    I'm afraid #21 in not shopped. It's a flying fox and it looks like it's eating a baby.

  • Jeff

    #2 Thousand Islands!!! One of the best places on earth!

  • http://www.manx-haven.com/ Manx-Haven

    #21 WTF is that – please let it be a kid in dress up – cos thats just freaky!!!

  • Yeah 90s!

    #15 Anyone else think of Rocket Power?

  • Rick

    #2 World's shortest international bridge, located in the 1000 Islands, around Rockport, Ontario

  • http://twitter.com/chaoticbeauty6 @chaoticbeauty6

    #9 Dont ruin Prince Eric for me!!!!!! 😦

  • Tommy

    #22 Good Mornin’ to you too and Thank you for being SO awesome!

  • tommytwotime

    #21 Is this fucking real???????

    • Anaphylaxis

      lol yeah it's real. Fox Bat, largest bat species in the world…also harmless 🙂 eats fruit/bugs

  • AllanA

    #21 WTF?!? Good thing they said on page 1 that's a flying fox….or is it?!?

    then again, this #22 made it all better

  • elvagner

    #25 instant karma

  • Joe brown

    Oh man, must have seen at least half these pictures on redditt yesterday…

    • dkptig

      then stop going to redditt.. if what you say is true, you get twice as much content here.

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