• misainzig

    Actually, everyone so far is wrong. That specific type of turn-table lets you do some scratching, and it will repeat it on the other side. That's the reason the scratches are the exact same between man and dog. There's no magic cameraman screwing with the inch and a half you can't see. It's even simpler than that!

    • JoryCamille

      Way to ruin the magic for us asshole!

  • djdj

    Knew it was fake

  • Kartoffeln

  • badtoro

    Mr.Quiggly din get a contract?

  • Carlos SLB

    beat that beat!!!!

  • tehehahe

    my husband and i watched this three times trying to figure out how the hell the dog could possibly be doing this… that's when we knew we had smoked way too much weed.

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