Football season is over, but the crazy-ass fans will live on (40 Photos)

  • BigRonz

    The Vikings guy lives in my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada, he is hardcore fan, he has a Vikings purple Chrysler Seebring.

  • that guy

    Yet more proof that FCS college football is far superior.

  • etcrr

    All I see are a bunch of douche bags

    • obama

      quit looking in the mirror.

      • Dr. Evil

        Don't wirry asshole you are fetting voted OUT of office

        • Dr. Evil


          • ^^^Dumb Fuck^^^


            • obama

              but not before I destroy this once great country!!!!!

      • obama sucks

        you are a real douche etcrr to delete your stupid comment for fear of the evil thumb down….

    • obama

      quitt looking in the mirror.

      • etcrr

        that's what a 8 year old says, if you are 8 years old that would explain a lot

        • obama

          *an 8 year old…cunt.

    • obama

      quit looking in the mirror

      • etcrr

        you must love me you chase me around so much

  • love

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  • @mondo625

    I really thought I was going to see the Voodoo guys from all the dolphin games

  • whodeybaby

    all ultimate fans are awesome say what you will but you will never meet a better more generous group of people than fans.

  • bstone9928

    #1 #25 #40 YEAH VIKINGS!

  • Susan

    Funny a guy gets #1 copying 100%Cheese Free of the VWO, at the metro dome they call that guy Cheese Free wanna-be, but the real Cheese Free was chosen the #1 Fan in the entire NFL bu USA Today

  • Peter

    sometimes I feel like these people spend more time getting ready than they actually watch the game

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