Found: Jillian Welsh (22 Photos)

The photo above making the rounds on the internets is model Jillian Welsh. Originally from Santa Monica CA, Jillian's Model Mayhem profile reads, "Addiction is good."

  • yummy

    I love you

    • yummy

      I just wanna anal rape you.

  • Dj scribb24

    Killer smile.


    i'd do her

    • r@f


    • cuntry girl

      me too #13

    • realzoo

      If you do her… will probably do some time. She is a cutie….but how old is she?

      • Meow

        Obviously old enough to be a semi-professional model doing underwear shoots. Once again, someone see's boobs that aren't D's, and automatically thinks that girl must be underaged.

  • Carlos

    Cute as fuck, but I feel like even I'd break her.

    • dedubs

      Cute as fuck, I would break her…and I'd like it

      • Ivan Drago

        I must brake her.

    • dedubs

      for you sir: <img src="; border="0" alt="Image and video hosting by TinyPic">

      • Underbaker

        Don't try to pawn your wife off on us.

      • Carlos

        The "even I" should've tipped you off that I'm not a big guy. She, however, is tiny.

    • James

      So cute.

      Still say #1 is best, but #7 and #14 are close…

  • Aznsupastar

    #22 really makes me want to Pocahontas

    • Underbaker

      Bonus points for being in the Kitchen. 😀

    • cincy chiver

      You mean Poca hiney

    • gnocco

      makes me wanna poke-the-hotness!

    • assman

      ass dont lie

    • hornymoose

      my peepee has made a teepee

      • Same

        Thats not something I want to see see.

        • Mitch

          I agree agree.

    • Vektor

      It's hard to be offended with a boner.

  • DrLeppiwinks

    #9 and #13… repeated for a reason

    • Hunter_BZ

      …maybe she has a twin! haha nevermind, the universe hasn't imploded as yet, how silly of me!

    • DrLeppiwinks

      annnnd they removed the repeat, so I look like a jackass, thanks John!

  • George Washington

    ^^^ Thats because your weiners small

    • Wark

      I don't know if they had it back in the 1700's, but there's actually a way to reply without the "^^^" things now.

    • Testa

      you're, jackass

  • dedubs

    #22 #1 #9 #10 #20 …yes!

    • skinnybitch

      Anorexia Kills.

      • dedubs

        There's a difference between being skinny and anorexic. Look at her skin and hair, if thats healthy, she's probably not anorexic

      • chicago

        with a body and face like her's she not even sex starved.

        smokin chick in great physical shape is exactly what she is.

  • OhBeJoe

    She could do with a good feed.

    • Drew

      Agreed, shes hot, but really could use a few Carl's Jr's.

    • k2thev

      I'm glad there are those out there who will take the big girls and leave the fit/athletic ones for us.

      • wantomas


  • Gordon


    • Stoops


  • xavi00


  • jared

    #22…Flawless Victory!

  • ChronicUser

    #10 Great rack!!

    • Huell

      Rack city chick, rack rack city chick

    • ppfffffbbttt

      Women are supposed to have curves. Dogs like bones.

  • George Washington

    GOOD GOD bend over and show us….#20. open your legs

  • Ned Plimpton

    #22 If the devil wants to make a deal with me, I'm listening…

  • Tommy

    Cute but let’s get this girl a samich!

  • Huell

    What's 6" long and isn't getting sucked on Valentine's day??

    A. Whitney Houston's crack pipe

    • George Washington

      Answer: Your Dick

      • Ned Plimpton

        Don't compliment him.

    • @danieljillm

      Awesome! Told that to everyone in the office…the looks were to die for.

    • GernBlansten

      That shit just went viral.

      Still trying to clean off my monitor….

    • bzazz

      Ohh… and Huell comes in with a groan-er.

    • loveherfanny

      What's 6" long and isn't getting sucked on Valentine's day??

      oh wait, huell you dont even have six inches. youre fucked

    • Meow

      I don't care how self-righteous anyone is, that fuckin comedy.

  • milpool

    I wish I was a genetic lottery winner…

  • Devin

    Needs a sandwich.

    • bzazz


  • ChicO85T

    #10 #20 #22 sweet jesus she is damn fine

  • Skedaddle

    She’d do. And I bet she’s waxed clean.

  • GernBlansten

    #21 She needs to get back in that kitchen and clean it the hell up!

    • Ned Plimpton

      Ya, man!!! And naked too!

    • bzazz

      Haha! You're sexist and that's funny for some reason! You're late for class middle schooler.

  • http://Yahoo Petaluma

    To damn skinny

    • sadbuttrue

      Dont say that here ,the chivers love a chic with a boys body.

  • Thanks Chive

    #14 Holy hell, I need to change undies.

    • Thanks Chive

      Am desperate and lonely.

      • Thanks Chive

        No, just hair triggered. I'm only 10, give me a break.

  • B_Error

    #14 'Cause Nekkid!
    #22 Nice Hump for skinny Chick!

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