Guy on vacation refuses to be alone on Valentine’s Day (27 Photos)

Via kotaku

  • Tebow

    MOAR!!!! FIND HER!!!!

    • Sean

      Anime's title is Spice and Wolf. Character is Holo.

      • Unfkngblvbl

        Are these your photos?

      • Anonymous

        Give legit answer. Receive scorn. Okay.

        • clever handle

          serious answer to non-serious question… missed the point

    • Anonymous

      Horo from Spice and Wolf

  • robert


  • Mattt

    Even she looks awkward and embarrased

  • dan

    #25…She dosent even look fucken she looks unhappy.lmao!! wat a looooser! ha ha ha!

  • otter

    Is that fucking Jake Ryan??

  • Apple$

    #20…can you hear her whispering…’HELP ME.’?

  • Nnj

    Lol durarara

  • sj sharks 23

    Flat Stanley sister

  • Vector

    Forever alone

  • Cortez

    What a sad fuck..

  • OTC

    What a slut!
    She's my Wife god dammit!

  • ~D

    She’s very sturdy and travels well……if these aren’t ‘shopped

  • Dman

    Reminds me of Krieger from Archer..

  • Cameron

    You know, he could've just 'shopped her into his vacation photos… He didn't really need to haul around that cardboard cut out.

  • Beardy bean

    This is what happens when your friend zoned too many times…

  • Twentyse7en


  • Pocono Jackson

    i just wasted time looking at that shit

  • bzazz

    hey, at least she has more facial expressions than Kristen Stewart does.

  • Yogi

    am sure this is some kind of bet … if you look at the group photos there are 3 couples + the cardboard cutout …

  • Marshall C.

    Doesn’t matter. Had sex.

  • @_staceywithane_

    LMFAO!!!! hahahahaha :') they look so in love.

  • GoGators

    Yeah, this reminds me of Dr. Krieger from the show Archer but at least this guy has a cut out instead of a projector, either way "Lars and the Real Girl" is the clear cut winner here.

  • tyler

    Spice and Wolf!! Excellent show.

  • KHfan4evr

    He must really like Holo… XD

    • @GamerKitty84

      +1 for you, I loved Spice and Wolf

      • KHfan4evr

        It is Pretty awesome. I just started it. ^_^

  • kristen

    Haha i think this is hilarious! and did you see that huge group of asian girls.. seems to me this guy figured out a great wing"woman" and the perfect ploy of not wanting to be alone on valentines day .. if the guy has semi-decent people skills he's in there like swim wear.. he can play the i'm a romantic card while showing a sense of humor.. those vulnerable chicks that are alone on valentines day won't stand a chance

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