Guy on vacation refuses to be alone on Valentine’s Day (27 Photos)

Via kotaku

  • sedlockheadlock


  • sureman123

    the king of forever alone!!!

  • Caleb Jaqua

    I don't understand this. Not the cutout, I'm okay with that. I don't understand how he's single. He's reasonably attractive (sure as shit ain't ugly), he appears to have enough money to travel, and he's confident enough to travel with a cardboard cutout.
    He should be with teh ladiez.

    • DeepestBlue2

      Because like most people, his biggest problem is in his own head.

    • Lokobo

      That's why I'm 99% sure it's a joke

  • Bob

    #1 bet his right hand is massive from excesive fappping, that's why he isn't showing it…

  • @Zordabo

    I do not approve of this particular gallery.

  • Andrew

    Isn't that cutout the chick from Spice and Wolf series?

  • freshandclean

    That girl doesn't look very happy

  • NoNotDinosaurs

    I bet he has the Holo love pillow too.

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  • tuber

    I'd have to say…..I think she can do better

  • Kevin

    Why does she look the same in every picture?

  • Redbird

    Which one’s the cutout?

  • Lokobo

    I'm surprised people think this guy was being serious. I would bet this guy is totally a normal dude.

  • Fanandualum
    • Fanandualum

      ^^^ The original source ^^^

  • WillK

    WTF, that chick he is with has the SAME EXPRESSION in EVERY picture!

  • somethin irish

    She could give kristen stewart a run for her money

  • Angry Drunk

    # 7 even the cutout looks creeped out by this guy

  • Agt Montag

    Thats the chick from Spice and Wolf

  • Anonymous

    Seriously WTF. Chive why would put that clown on.

  • Mgmoren

    Looks like the imaginary girl the scientist made in Archer

  • @GamerKitty84

    Its from an anime called Spice and Wolf. Dont know why he chose that cut out though…a bit odd 0__0

  • Chris Thomas

    And our relations with China have ended. Thanks, dude.

  • fcai

    I read he got the idea from Durara and this project of his has been going on since Sept. 2011. It's kinda like that gnome prank from a movie I can't remember the title.

    Anywho, Durara's sequel Bacano is an awesome anime and people should try watching it.

  • Jay

    Me so Ronry, oh so ronrey…..

  • Jay

    Wonder if he gets paper cut or chafe from her moot?

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