I really do miss college….(55 Photos)

  • That Guy

    Let me be the first to say I miss college as well.

  • AssClown

    #9 "Ewwww!! That tasted salty!!! I don't get the jizzt of why girls like it so much…"

    • That Guy

      Ahh I see what you did there!

    • drea619

      are u still trolling around the chive? geeze i leave for months and BAM still here, just like herpes.

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        I came back just for you… ❤

        – I've got 99 problems and… oh, I forgot, herpes is one of them

        • Al Gore

          let me cum on your face paula. ❤

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_


        – the one who got a Valentine card in the DMA!!

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    What's 'College' precious?

    – the one who got a Valentine card in the DMA!!

    • Spaz

      Full Retard

    • Ned Plimpton

      Dear Paula,

      Kill yourself.

      From everybody

  • ChicO85T

    #18 #27 #31 you know what to do

    • captmo9

      same opinion

    • ET.Higgin

      I know for a fact my buddy took the picture of #31 I am trying to find the pic on his Facebook. When I find it I will properly report it to the Chive……

  • Tillman61

    #26 For a minute there it looked like he went into reverse thrust. #18 I had a college girlfriend who looked a lot like that… in 1980. So yeah, it's not her.

  • rob


  • 65massey

    Damn I could have been first but I had a speed reading class from 10:00 until 10:05.

  • rob

    I second that….Wish I was 10 years younger!!!!

  • Hassel Shattnerhoff

    #17 apparently guys aren't the only ones who have beer goggles, because that girl grinding is wearing them. #27 Lets try with no hands, they just get in the way

  • Jason

    #3 Good 'ole Rolla, MO. Spent too many years there. FYI, the career fair there is next tuesday.

    • Durbino

      Career Fair may be next tuesday, but pats is 30 daze away.

      • lubriciousbears

        Damn right it is, best ever. Chive on from TJ.

  • George Washington

    Man I miss college to. Fun times

  • luckyB

    to go back and do it again? i think yes….

  • craig

    #12 Way to stay classy Wisewood!

    • CanadianAttackBeaver

      Hilarious! I wonder what grad year that is? That's my old school in Calgary, Alberta!

      • Guest

        A Lancer would never do anything so foolish. I mean, this Warrior didn't even get rid of his wool knots!

  • Dan

    #31 Sweet Jesus you are hot!

  • Atom819

    #31 Will you marry me

    • That broad

      No…wait, how big is your penis?

      • Atom819

        Large enough for you baby

  • passwordistaco

    Beeramid, you're doing it right #44

    • toocoolforschool

      over $1000 in deposits right therejavascript:%20hideMsgBox();

    • CHIVER X

      University of St. Thomas?

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    I actually thought that was that guys stomach at first. Never good to double-take.

    ……..I would rather her then hungry eyes over there.

  • chrisc

    #46… They don't know how to play checkers do they…

    • meh

      you mean #47 but youre right… that game wont work

  • chrisc

    #47 Beer Checkers… you're doing it wrong.

    • Ninja47

      I was seeing if someone else called it out before I did. Touche, sir.

  • Fun_with_Numbrs

    With Flounder?

  • AnyoneForCoffee


    Such…ahem, "experimentation" was sadly lacking from my uni days…

    Thankfully. my girl has been making up for lost time!!

    Now, if only she'll let me join in…

  • Ned Plimpton

    #9 "Get in the car. I'll give ya a ride."

  • Dick Salad

    Gonna be a bachelor again soon (happy vday lol) is the 28 year old college guy considered cool or creepy? Considering he owns a nice bmw and a house (well maybe half a house now…)

    • that girl

      pretty creepy not gonna lie, mind you 28 not too old to date anyone 20 or older

  • zaedrus
    • Jules

      I erect things all day every day. 😛

  • Fun_with_Numbrs



    • rgamsh

      Damn straight 'Merica

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