I really do miss college….(55 Photos)

  • can drink real beer

    #3, #16, #22, #27, #47.
    ok america. Why are you still drinking light beer?
    you're just wasting your time and not wasting yourself.

    Canadian beer rules!

    • Poor College Kid

      You have never been to college have you? Quantity over quality.

      • Light beer is neverthe right choice

        Quantity over quality if you want to drink less alcohol and piss more often lol. 5% beer, at the very least, is a must! Light typically costs the same as regular up here in Canada anyhow.

      • dollface

        Lol i was just getting ready to say… its not the taste its the cost

  • http://echogeo.wordpress.com/ echogeo

    Amazing how erotic that looks.

  • Aggie '06

    #52 Love Chili Fest

  • Anonymous

    #27 MOAR please! Find her!!!

  • Tommy P

    #27 MOAR please! Find her!!!

  • Anonymous Troll

    #22, too heavy to move? Mancard revoked.

  • Ben

    #50 like you drank all of them… not

  • Allen

    #27 I'd like to see her ace of spades

  • Ryan Cr)daddy

    #26 I can't tell if that's a chick in the tank top behind him w/ pit hair or an incredibly girly lookin dude..

  • Aggie '06

    #52 Love Chili Fest, TX

  • Dude Imbibes

    #13 Should be "You Honk We Kiss"

  • naa

    #27 5 Stars!!
    #31 Seriously the hottest thing i have ever seen.

  • nuccabay

    #47 #49 – Brilliant!
    #44 – i bet if you took those back you could get another one…


    #21 How did he not wake up?

  • ChaseTheWalker

    I was going to comment on #18, but then #31 came along and I forgot…

  • Mitchiver

    #18 absolutely gorgeous.

  • kgb bigc

    #32 friend-zoned! Hahaha LOL

  • josh

    #49 Nice work Doback. so next time im hungover im calling you and your gonna construct this hangover straw

  • Rambo

    #34 GO FLYERS!

  • Sean

    #38 DUB V !!!

  • triple penis

    I never went to college im so smart.

  • Toby

    Dear rooks,
    “beer-amid” has been around for a long time. put on your big boy pants and add another base of 10. Chive on

  • SPZander

    #20 #27 …Photoshop do your thing

  • TequillaFace

    #37 we've been playing that game for years, but we called it 3D pong, had to wear the glasses and every thing, needless to say I'm sure I nor these guys were the first to think of it,

  • SolidusSnake420

    #31 candy kids looks retarded.

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