I really do miss college….(55 Photos)

  • BA420

    You guys celebrate alcoholism so well, you should do a crackhead edition next time. Or maybe oxycontin

  • Anonymous

    A couple moar pics of #18 would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Chive.

  • JustSuper

    Why is #19 holding his junk?

  • scary69

    #27 thats not the 1st time shes had something that shape in her hand and mouth,good girl go on chug away and swallow the lot

  • JustSuper

    Whoops, meant #15

  • loveherfanny

    #38 chive…the brunette please can we have MOAR!!??

  • Dave

    #18 and #31 find please, should be easy, need moar.

  • T

    41 has a great hump. Find her!

    • Kylie Tafoya

      I am #41!!! Thank you:)

      • Jules Vince


  • Tommy

    Im going to Rollins next year… Great to know there are fellow chivers there!!

  • dustin

    i'm sorry but the fire hazard in your arm pit is getting out of hand

    • dustin

      @ #26

  • keebs

    #18 and #27 find moar please!!

  • Bob Mountaineer

    #38 Ahhh, God bless the Mountaineers!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I sure hope these girls are of age you disgusting douche bags.

  • brenthuntley

    #48 A cute architecture chick… I. am. speechless.

  • Anonymous

    # 40 is ATO. I’m an ATO from sfa. Chive on brothers, VTL

  • Roy1531

    That girl has hair under her arms!

  • BuckeyeChive

    #30 Yes! more OSU Chivers

  • Bob H

    #27 My kind of lady. Bringing it.

  • sp1067

    #37, how adorable. They think they were the first ones to play "beer amid." At my college, every OT in pong is a beer amid round. Nice try fellas, but someone beat you to it. Glad to see others are playing it as well though!

  • sam

    FIND #31

  • Jester


  • Old Mate

    #38 chive more of 2nd from the left. If she is reading this then please send us MOAR!!!

  • kenziesk

    Whats up with #19’s nose?

  • TheDog59

    #27 OMG, Busch light……….hope you like to pee

  • Matt

    #11, you can’t spell cocksucker without OSU!

    • Anonymous

      You cant spell homo with your name. Fte

    • Anonymous

      You cant spell homo without your name. Ftw

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