• TBT

    What a dork. I love her more now.

  • knotmee

    what an amazing looking woman.

  • kappa00073

    That was the sexiest thing I’ve seen

    • edward

      It really is.

    • Kyle

      DAISY LOWE IN ESQUIRE. youtube it and have your mind blown.

      You're welcome.

  • jeepjoe

    sweet fancy moses she's hot!

  • westsideculture

    hot. check her out in some baseball gear at

  • Ron Rico

    Sexy dork dance. Sooo soooo made my day. She’s so hot

  • myself

    She's goofy, which makes her even more perfect.

  • etcrr

    She is so sweet and precious and then after all that, one of the hottest women on the planet

  • sss

    axe commercial was better

  • elliott

    wtf chive dont sellout to axe

  • Lower

    Filmed at North Narrabeen, Sydney.
    Awesome. She's just wow.

  • dong

    i gizzed my pants

  • Anonymous

    She’s crap in bed tho

  • Dave

    So totally hot.

  • chavo

    only makes me like her even more.

  • ryan

    i guess im the only one who thought that was unattractive

    • Anthony

      Your stupid

      • Nishtai

        "You're". But yeah, he is

    • Puf

      Me too

  • Trolololo

    Overrated, fat, ugly, and bitchy.

    • Anthony

      Do you even know what hot is

    • tdr

      Stupid, dumbass, playing with yourself in Mommy's basement.

  • Seth_Michaels

    Can't photoshop a video.

    She's crazy hot.


  • John

    I found this easy to masturbate to.

  • Kimby

    Looks like she watched too much "In Living Color" and early episodes of "Soul Train".

  • wow

    I’ve watched this 3 times…….. I’ve came3 times….. the longest I’ve had is until she gets wet

  • Anonymous

    She really likes her boobs

  • barstoolprophet

    Dear God I want to get her pregnant so bad

  • beccas

    She makes me so excited that I'm bi!!

  • Euge

    Happy boner

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