• zoxymusic


  • Carlos

    lol Amazing.

  • HobbesLeviathan

    You know…I think I first saw that list on a gun forum back in 2003 or so…still funny though. And there's a version of why guns are better than men, too, IIRC.

  • cocales

    in this case I rather keep the .44 😉

  • Another chiver


  • TiminPhx

    I doubt that Letterman ever did this list.

    He's a leftist and would never do something pro firearms.

    This is just like those idiot lists of things that have a conservative bent that are sent out all the time under the pretense of "George Carlin's response to being an American."

    And they never are from Carlin.

    It's a funny list, but it's been around for a long time and again, Lettermen and his DNC approved writing staff would never have come up with it.

    I could be wrong, but I don't think so.

    • Gerard

      The same list appears in a number of places on the 'Net … none of which reference Letterman. Safe bet that it's not one of his.

  • ActaNonVerba

    Wisemx, bet you’ll retract that statement when they release that zombie turning biological agent. You’d probably be better off living in Brazil!

  • mkpo

    One day I will hopefully understand what is it with 'Merica and guns. No offense intended, just an honest thought.

    • Angie

      Honestly, guns are incredibly fun to shoot. No mystery there.

  • Jack

    Reason women are better than guns: boobs.

  • Tix83

    Nice one

  • Hunter_BZ

    My Shotgun and I agree!

  • 2nnt

    Guns can't do dishes!!!

    • Machines work well

      Dishwashers do

  • luckyB


  • Anonymous

    True Americans love their guns beer and woman

    • Fall

      I agree with you, except for the beer. I think here in the states we have the worst beer in the world! I’ve been to way to many places, all of them with better beer.
      I wonder why such an awesome country has such shit beer.

  • Dads

    Funny shit.

  • dude in newport

    Wasn’t that a chain email from like 5 or 6 years ago? Weak.
    How is the Chive like the freshest website?
    It’s not. Not at all. You can find the same crap on ebaums. Actually, you can find most of it first on ebaums.
    The Chivettes are hot though.
    Peace and a haircut!
    Mortimer Istanbul lll

  • Anonymous

    Guns, god, and women. What every man needs.

  • Wm. Becker

    My rebuttal!
    10 Reasons Why I prefer women over guns…
    ·         Guns don’t look good in lingerie.
    ·         Double Barrels look better on a woman.
    ·         Don’t need a scope attached to a woman to get off a good shot.
    ·         Laws for owning a gun are tougher then the laws for owning a woman.
    ·         I prefer my woman without a wood stock, especially in bed.
    ·         Woman have more than one comfortable grip.
    ·         I don’t need a class to teach me how to handle and care for my woman.
    ·         I don’t feel the need to lock my woman up when the kids are around.
    ·         The saying, “The bigger the gun, the bigger the bang” doesn’t always apply…..(I just made that saying up)
    ·         The number 1 reason I prefer women over guns……I prefer waking up next to my beautiful woman’s face and not the barrel of a gun!

  • Caleb Jaqua

    He stole the top reason from "Shoot 'em Up."
    Paul Giamatti is the bad guy and says it to his henchmen after arguing with his wife over the phone.

    • Caleb Jaqua

      Someone gave me a -1 for giving facts?

  • Andre

    Letterman didn't steal shit because he never presented this list.

  • Top Ten Reasons Men Prefer Guns to Women | The Truth About Guns

    […] Letterman hasn’t been particularly funny since late in the first Clinton administration. But as this Top Ten shows, some of his writers aren’t bad and even a blind squirrel finds that occasional acorn. This list isn’t new (it’s apparently been passed around more than Paris Hilton on a Saturday night), just new to us. [h/t to Tim Ellis and the indispensable Chive.] […]

  • Cat

    Fake – not unfunny, but this was never on the show..

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure, same rules apply to men.

  • Guest

    Letterman is perhaps the most un-funny person on TV or any media today. He may have once had some talent but lost it over 10 years ago. He has the interview technique of racoon in a rubbish bin – just kinda poking around until he finds a tidbit that he can pretend to be interested in. And anyone in your fine country that actually thinks he has anything whatsoever to do with writning any of his material needs a wake up call.
    All that said, the list is mildy amusing.

  • etcrr

    I love this, way to right, way too good, way too brilliant. He pulled the trigger on that one, he did!

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