theCHIVE’s Spring Break callout. Where are you going for Spring Break? (VOTING NOW CLOSED)

Let’s face it, we here at theCHIVE Headquarters, by some people’s standards, are a little too old to go on college Spring Break. But we figured if Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill aren’t too old to return to high school in upcoming comedy 21 Jump Street, theCHIVE offices could make one last trip to the rum soaked beaches to revel in what remains of our youth.

But we need your help. We want to have a CHIVE Spring Break meetup and we need to know where all our Chivers are going to be the weekend of March 9th? So if you’re spring breakin’ during this time, vote for it in the destination below. We’ll point our sails in whichever direction gets the most votes and bring theCHIVE party down to Spring Break!

  • German_Kid

    I’m from
    Germany and going to Spring Break in Cancun this Year for my First Time!
    Hoping to have a sexy time 😉
    My welcome present will be a bottle of Jägermeister for my American Friends 😉

  • Nu

    Cruise to the yucatan peninsula cozumel tho not cancun

  • chicago

    work travel: back to fuckin Philthydelphia

  • AndreChamer

    What about us Europeans?
    – It's a bit far to travel to those places..

    Needless to say, that didn't stop me last year!
    Both Cancun and Las Vegas was AWESOME! Totally worth the trip from Norway.

  • NYR144

    To all of my Chivers. There is a movie in the making. Ghostbusters 3 and they are getting the whole old cast together. But our hero Bill Muary says he will not be apart of the movie. We all need to reach out to him so we can have our childhood back even if it’s just for a hour or two. Please thumb this up and hopefully we will reach Bill and he changes his mind and do the movie. KCCO!!!!!

  • Jared

    My AMAZING Wife is taking me to Amsterdam!

  • YowYow

    …… a lot of people go to PCB…. this poll is horrible

  • http://Chive Maximus

    Punta cana, domican republic

  • Callie

    Panama City Beach is where its at….oh wait i live here…bring it on spring breakers the locals can party harder longer and better

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