Valentine’s Day Sucks (36 Photos)

  • joel

    un real you didnt post mine. how does a picture of a colon and it saying happy valentines from my colon to yours on a bulletin board at the doc office. not makin it? coommmee onnnn. daammitt.

  • jOEBOB


  • p dangerously

    #12 instead of using instead so much you should instead expand your vocabulary.. instead

  • Dubvchiver

    Love you e, to my beautiful chivette on valentines day

  • dfoggers

    I did have plans for tonight but her boyfriend decided to cock block me. What an asshole.

  • justplaintravis

    #1 Find Her

  • UGTP

    #36 Zach Ryder last night on RAW… if anyone knows what im talkin about lol

  • the BOSS

    #36 shot through the heart, and you’re to blame.

  • ChivePR

    At least use a speller!!!

  • Forever Alone

    Happy Valentine's Day Paula

  • keen_owl

    #36 …bitch…

  • Blah

    #20 Le friendzone

    • B123

      : )

  • paulhitchcock

    #34 Someone should explain the meaning of "matching" to her.

  • @_staceywithane_

    #4 who needs flowers when you can have bacon flowers ^_^ nom nom nom!

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  • Dingle

    Is there a high rez version of #36? I want to make it my new wallpaper.

  • 1980forever

    I would almost bet that if you went over to the Berry there would be 12 different sections on valentines day, also im sure they will be sending over all the men stuff to our chive so we can look at a posting of men because The berry owns all the guys at Chive (them being berrys bitches) that being said i sure valentines sucks on the Berry becasue most in there are Fuglys and demand us men accept them becasue there hearts are true but buried under one of there FAT rolls.

    • chivette

      you mad bro?

  • Sinead

    Happy Valentine’s, b.b.–

    No Chivette compares to you.


  • Lam, duh

    #34 Lucky bastard…

  • Theresa

    #11 More of these please hahaha!

  • lith

    Happy Valentine's Day Chivers and Chivettes:) KCCO<3

  • gypsy_nz
    #3 Thats my kind of valentine 😀

  • :(

    #29 #33 – This

  • Bob

    Keep your girl happy and she'll keep your manhood happy……

  • Connor MacManus

    #23 The JCVD one made me laugh so damn hard.

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