Animals that don’t suck (37 Photos)

  • Tim

    First. Yay. Chive on.

    • Al Gore

      you said "yay" what a wood nibbler.

  • tim

    Second. Damn it!

  • tim

    Third. Well you can't win them all!

    • If you said so...

      Impressive chain.

  • chillassbeejay


    • itstanrum

      C-c-c-combo breaker!

      • OpMongoose

        I haven't thought about killer instinct in a while, That made me actually lol not the fake kind that people type out of habit

  • tim

    Fourth. I need to sort my life out!

  • etcrr

    #26 so cute and #31 are so awesome. I love the bears waving

    • JOHN

      #31 that fence will protect you

    • Zero00430

      The waving bears are at a place called the Olympic Game Farm, in Washington. You drive through, and toss pieces of bread loafs at various animals. Yes, the bears wave, and are generally lazy as hell.

      • Liar


        • Jaba

          It's true douche. I used to live in the area. Yaks will stick their heads in your car and the Buffalo will beat the shit out of your paint job.

  • Rod

    I hope she takes her worming tablets

    • @saintbaxter

      Moments after this picture was taken, she was mauled and eaten.

  • Kevin

    Find her!

    • myself

      She's in Naples, Florida. That's all I got.

    • itstanrum
      • josh

        yes quickly begor that wolf bites her face off

    • Zero00430

      Yea, that bitch is hot!

    • Austin


  • etcrr

    #37 Murry!!

    • @psypher246

      Man the girl has gorgeous eyes

      • penis

        I think Murry is a boy but he does have nice eyes…. O you must be talking about the female dog in the picture….

    • @Dieselbaron

      if you don't have a soft spot for murry something is wrong with you

    • Matt

      Murry is fucking awesome

  • tom

    #2 haha even some animal struggle to find love on valentines day.

  • brett

    #37 Those eyes!!! i feel like i could look into the forever. find her please.

    • Duh

      I found her a long time ago 🙂 She's on Murray's Facebook page

    • dntthnkso

      She' been on this page a couple dozen times

    • VD Shehasit

      She's at the free clinic.

    • Marc

      Maggie McPherson

  • non

    #23 "Mom, the bacon tastes funny…. and is moving"

    • Koolhaas


      • TommyD

        Dogs don't know it's not bacon

        • non

          They also don't talk.

  • Ouchmaker

    #12 Hey bear, act naturally, do what you're supposed to do, while wearing skates and clothes. 😦

    • JOHN

      Fuck this. Too Far

      • Duke


      • Si1entStatic

        I second that. Motion to put un-muzzled bear in locked room with gypsy owners granted….

    • blt

      serious animal abuse. It's muzzled and clearly uncomfortable.

      • BritBerrier

        not cool chive.

        • pewptie-pantz

          anus is harey

        • Musabi

          Agreed, this picture makes me so sad. Black bears are somewhat of a pest where I used to live (Northern Ontario) but I would rather shoot a bear than submit them to this torture.

    • Cambo196

      Hey Chive, do your research before you post photos. This happened in Russia, and they faced serious uproar for Animal Abuse.

    • Paula_

      <img src=""&gt;
      – Fan testimonial: "Paula, for a late Xmas gift I'd appreciate if you just died in a napalm fire. Thanks! "

    • Mike

      WADR – That is a cat ! not a bear
      hello – go back to school

      • James

        They deleted it smart ass

  • Andiddy

    #22 "I always intended for R2D2 to secretly be piloted by a kitty, but the technology just wasn't there yet in the 70's, so I went back and added it!" – George Lucas

  • J.L.

    Moaaarrr of 37’s owner please!!!

  • Pure Joy

    #17 I love your sister, I think she's awesome.

    • USAF

      Front runner for Chivette of the Week? YES

      • tommytwotime

        she is awesome. and I'll be damned if wolves aren't rad as H!

    • NaplesChiving

      Good to see Naples represented. Chive on, Darlin!

  • Gorgeous


  • itstanrum

    #13 is aspiring to be Bigfoot someday.

    • Lisa

      there's a 'squatch in these woods…

    • The Stadium Guy...

      Doing it like a BOSS!!!!

  • tireboy11

    #12 could’ve been under I hate my job also. #29. Could be a sign of the apocalypse.

  • angelofcrackers

    #12 Yeah not cool at all…

    • Lisa

      Glad I wasn't the only one upset by this

    • ArryPotta

      Definitely agree. I'm surprised the mod was stupid enough to include this. Do they have no understanding of the demographic that makes up Chivers? Big thumbs up for the douche bag that uploaded this, and the one that posted it.

    • Evelyn

      yeah pretty fucked up…

    • Anon

      did they change the picture or something?

  • MattKL

    #34 "Occupado!"

  • Yume_girl

    #12 No, not cool Chive! Not cool at all. 😦
    " Most of the time, the jaws and claws of the bears are removed, and it needs little description to tell what pain they have to undergo! Most of the time, they are chained and put in a cage, which is hardly bigger their own size, and thus, terribly limits the movement of their limbs, leave alone the movement to far-off lands that bears in wild like to go in search of their food!" -

    • just a guy

      yea not cool, shouldn't be promoting this kind of thing….

      • tommytwotime

        they remove their fucking jaws???? that is awful

        • J.r

          mostly they pull their teeth and the muzzle is so they cant show that cruelty to the audience that are mostly oblivious to the horrors endured by these bears.

    • SilkySapper

      If they remove the jaw how come it is wearing a muzzle? That seems a lot easier than difficult surgery that would not allow it to eat again. I just gotta call bullshit.

      Also, about the claws, how is this any different than declawing your household cat? Except of course if you don't declaw your cat, he can't rip you to shreds in a second, If it were so cruel, why is declawing as well as spaying and neutering animals supported by PETA?

      • Musabi

        Is declawing supported by PETA? Even though I think PETA are a bunch of crazies 3/4 of the time I don't think declawing is supported by them. It is removing part of their BONE! It would be like saying: hey lets just cut off the end of each of your finger, no big deal right?

        • kodakkid

          I would say you are correct it's not supported by any animal protection agency and many specifically ask your opinion on declawing on your adoption application.

    • 2pumpdump

      Can we see your tits please?

    • p dangerously

      straight abuse

    • terry

      it's a cat not a bear

      • Anon

        picture was changed 😛 Not its a heartwarming cat rescue 😛

  • Andy Valentine

    #11 – Ra(yban)ven

  • luckyB

    #10—there be a spy among us….
    #31 i think i just made it a goal in life to have a bear wave back at me…
    #5 i see what you did there
    #17 you sister is friggin awesome.

  • Loretta Castorini (@myblueharry)

    #12. Chive, are you kidding? That’s animal cruelty. Try living your life muzzled, wearing human clothes, and forced to do stupid tricks for stupid humans. Imagine what it’s like to breath through that thing. Those bears are slaves to their gypsy owners. Shame, shame.

    • Surely

      Yeah, try living your life in human clothes, its fucking annoying as hell!

      • Yea Yea

        Damn my human clothes!!!!!!!

        • tommytwotime

          yeah my first thought was "poor thing"

    • SilkySapper

      live life muzzled and unable to speak
      wear clothes you're told to wear
      forced to do stupid tricks for someone stupid
      slave to some crazy gypsy woman

      yep, you just perfectly described marriage, thanks Madame.

    • Althing

      "Try living your life muzzled, wearing human clothes, and forced to do stupid tricks for stupid humans."
      Hey, isn't that called having a job?


      I agree this animal has been tourtured all its life… take it down.

    • Not a fan

      Yeah, take him to the GAP for bears.

    • ThatGuy

      "Try living your life muzzled, wearing human clothes, and forced to do stupid tricks for stupid humans."

      You mean working in an office?

    • longshot

      i dont get whats so bad, it's just a cat being held by a fireman. i see no muzzel

      • James

        it was a picture of your mom

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