Animals that don’t suck (37 Photos)

  • Kilgore Trout

    On the day of my daughters wedding…

    • passwordistaco

      If my boy should happen to get struck by lightning, then I'm gonna blame some of the people in this room.

  • Kilgore Trout

    …the Rizzado Brothers are not to be touched!!

    • Dukeofohio

      gave you a thumb up for the K.V. reference

  • Dano

    #17…Awesome woman! #37…Awesome Murray Mountaingoat, the coolest dog on the planet!

  • KACZ

    #4 LMAO

  • Guy on a Buffalo

    #12 Chive didn't put the bear in that stuff, someone else did. KCCO people.

    • Contrived

      That does not mean that it should be posted in a forum of "Animals that don't suck". This is visually and morally wrong.

      Posting a video about animals that have trusting bonds doing some cool things is one thing. Posting a picture such as this is a visual representation of animal abuse.

      KCCO for sure, but that is not necessarily something to keep calm about.

      • maggiemay13

        They probably didn't know or think about the animal cruelty thing, if it is. You don't know where this bear is and just because he is wearing a muzzle and human clothes doesn't mean he is treated badly. For all you know he could be a rescued bear that can't be released back into the wild. There are a lot of animals in shows that are cases like that. And I'm sorry, but I think it is pretty bad ass that a bear can learn how to do something like that.

        But my main point, this isn't something else to attack theCHIVE staff about, I think they get enough attacks from that stuf guy.

        • Contrived

          (if words are spelled wrong, blame my phone)

          Maggie I am by no means attacking The Chive for this. As you stated, there could be underlying circumstances to this picture that we do not know. The fact that an animal, wild or otherwise, can learn humanised tricks is a feat of intelligence from an animal and patience from a trainer that most of us could not achieve.

          When done in an environment of rehabilitation where trust is implicit, then by all means. When this sort of thing is done with abuse as the controlling force of “…or else”, it should not be glorified in any way.

          The Chive having some tact was my, though not apparent, reason for posting the previous comment. I am not attempting to be stuf in any way. I enjoy what The Chive is and in all honesty, this is the first thing that caught me off-guard.

          • maggiemay13

            Guess what, I'm Murray's owner so I quite agree that animal abuse shouldn't be celebrated. And theCHIVE staff isn't doing that so just calm down man. And I did google russian ice skating bears and the first things to come up is how an ice skating bear attacked and killed it's trainer so that bear let it be known he was not happy about it. But the majority of wild animals held in captivity are probably not very happy. I couldn't find all the information you have on the abuse, I found a thread explaining that they trained these bears to skate on ice and perform gymnastic like tricks. The worst I found was about the muzzles they use, they clamp down hard on the bear's jaw. (Makes sense though, right? It's a fucking bear) I'm not saying you're wrong and that I don't believe you, I'm just not finding all the information you found. Everything I see is about one bear who attacked and then discussions on whether it is animal cruelty or just plain awesome.

            My main point though, just enjoy the pictures and stop freaking out over a bear in human clothes. There are much worse cases of animal cruelty out there and if you wanna do something about it bitching on the comments on theCHIVE isn't going to help. (And that's not directly at you, more of a general statement for all who care to read)

            • SilkySapper

              I totally agree with you Maggie, they see a picture of an animal dressed up and automatically assume abuse, when the opposite could just as easily be true, no one knows this animal's story. The sources I have seen from people like the person above are from fringe groups, who almost never cite sources for their wild claims, and are often full of half truths, misleading statements and sometimes whole lies. See for instance Caldern dolphin (real name pilot whale). Some websites claim they are being hunted to extinction, while they are not even rated as under threat by the IUCN. In fact, if they are being hunted to extinction, why did the North Atlantic Marine Mammal Commission rate the amount of pilot whale's killed each year by fishing and hunting as less than 0.1% of total population. That doesn't sound like a massacre like they make it out to be

          • Dukeofohio

            tact on the interwebs HA

        • Sam

          This type of animal ABUSE is banned in many countries and it is absolutely not an animal that was rescued. These animals are usually caught as cubs then trained with aversive techniques like whips, electric shock, witholding of food etc. Their abilities to fight back have been taken away thanks to their captors who remove the majority, if not all, of their teeth and all of their claws. They are starved and beaten into submission and kept in terrible conditions. The Chive has stood up for animals before (the laboratory beagle video, the rescue of Murray…) and should not be glorifying this type of cruelty.

          Ignorance is not an excuse. It's obvious to anyone that looks at this picture that this bear is miserable. Besides the fact that it is absolutely ridiculous to think that this poor animal is okay with ICE SKATES on its feet, no animal should be muzzled while physically exerting itself as it restricts their breathing. If you want more information on the types of abuse that these bears have to endure, you can find it in a variety of places online, just google russian skating bears or russian hockey bears. You'll see the small, rusted cages they live their entire lives in, the severe malnourishment that caused one of the bears to attack a trainer simply because he was being starved almost to death (Oct 2009), the physical violence they endure and the broken bones and open wounds inflicted by their trainers, and that's not to even touch on the mental and emotional anguish that they are put through.

          The Chive has the ability to remove the photo and they absolutely should.

  • DrBoogie_R32

    #17 I want to be a wolf-dog now
    #10 "They will never think to look for me here"

  • common sense

    This is not cool, you should probably remove this….

    • SilkySapper

      You're not cool, you should be removed

  • ...

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  • why?

    <img style="position: absolute;" class="comment-thumb" id="img-17-incomment-293070392" width="70" height="105" src=";h=105&quot; alt="Image #13" border="0">

    Why would you post this? not even entertaining…

  • Dukeofohio

    #20 first world problems

  • vodkamartini

    #20 plz come in, I haz nuts for you 😉

  • Jaybee

    # 17 I live in Naples, been to the sanctuary..when the wolves start howling the staff and volunteers stop what they’re doing and start howling with them. Weird.

  • SadeShadz

    #34 Can a cat get some privacy?! I mean, come on! -_-
    #29 cute food chain 😛

  • zoxymusic

    #5 LOL


    #37 HELLZ YEA!

  • Craigery

    #37 How long did it take you to notice the dog? Find her!

  • passwordistaco

    Just wanted to say I think this is the best Animals TDS post I've ever seen on here, circus bear and all. Good job guys. love #10

  • Lisa

    #17 !!! Signing up immediately

  • Dude Imbibes

    #9 " %@$#! humans "

  • snoopyismyhero

    #37 Murray! You rock. And your friend? Lovely…

  • marcussam

    #18 Awwww u poor baby…!!

  • ilmill

    #12 kinda makes me sad. Just doesn't seem right.

  • boss

    #11 deal with it

  • http://o the brandon

    That bear picture isn’t cool.

    Find the girls from 17 and 37!

  • naa

    got any new stuff some of these have been up 3 times already…

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