Animals that don’t suck (37 Photos)

  • JamesMFP

    Dog Sunday? ……just cuz a bear is doing a trick don’t mean it was beat…there’s more than one way to skin a cat

  • Will

    #12 PETA would have a field day with this one… haha

  • Ian

    #18 looks like Wilford Brimley

  • amandajean

    #12 I know it's been said already in previous comments, but This makes me so sad. Those ice skates have to hurt his poor paws so bad. Watching a bear do tricks with a muzzle on does not constitute as entertainment in my book.

    • SilkySapper

      You obviously aren't married, what married women love is to muzzle their husband then make them do whatever tricks they want them to do.

      • amandajean

        Not all women suck at being married.

    • AllanA

      I agree, I was enjoying the pics but then this picture of the bear killed it

  • KayMan

    #27 Diabeetus

  • DoctorMauer

    #37 Murray being a boss as usual

  • Rose

    #17 is AWESOME! I grew up in Naples! :]

  • tommytwotime

    #9 HA! #31 dude waving bears are SO awesome

  • @CerealFede

    #17 ur sister is damn hot, with all my respects

  • Matt

    #23 Well darn if that's not the cutest thing ever.
    #28 "The F— is this?"

  • BostonChiver

    #18 might be the new Boo

  • dave

    #12 is messed up, hopefully the bear gets his opportunity some day. #31 don't worry, that fence would totally stop a grizzly bear.

  • Althing

    #1 You know you've eaten too much Vietnamese food when your poop looks like this

  • Anonymous

    I can’t stop watching 31

  • Ben

    #17 Ive been to shy wolf sanctuary, its very nice, and I also live in Naples FL…reppin the 239!

  • Lexie

    5 was just too perfect

  • Schadeboy

    #12 The animal does not suck, but the people who did this to it do. Severely.

  • guest

    #10 Did you see where that fox went? No I didn't. I think he is up ahead.

  • xbod

    I'd rather beeeee….I'd rather be with an ANIMAAAALLLLLL!!!!!

  • Smitty

    #20 : Can't touch THIS!

  • Anonymous

    #17 I have been to Naples a ton of times never been to this place! I must go

  • Inviolability

    #17 I have never been there but have been to Naples a million times. Must go

  • Mark in Naples !!

    #17 Shout out to Naples Chivette from a Naples Chiver. Find Her !!!!!!!!!

  • justin

    #31 is so cool..they make you want to go up to them and hang out..forget mauling..we're buds!

  • NYR144

    To all of my Chivers. There is a movie in the making. Ghostbusters 3 and they are getting the whole old cast together. But our hero Bill Muary says he will not be apart of the movie. We all need to reach out to him so we can have our childhood back even if it’s just for a hour or two. Please thumb this up and hopefully we will reach Bill and he changes his mind and do the movie. KCCO!!!!!

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