Daily Afternoon Randomness (52 Photos)

  • arlow


    Smoking hot and she keeps promises. If you know how to use a flamethrower that's pretty much the trifecta, right?

    • Grant


      • wantomas

        Jesus tittyfucking Christ! That girl is smoking hot!

        • rita bandita

          I know, and tell me that tight ass isn't even better then u expected…ur a 10 girl! Own it and Chive on!

        • Just sayin'

          Saying that totally won't make you go to hell, btw.

      • Diesel

        Please tell me you live in NYC? And want to meet me at McSorley's Friday afternoon?

    • sean

      Gorgeous Smile and a great TUSH!

    • Ass Grease

      She must make good sandwiches and be strong on plow.

    • tim

      Great photos. Thank you for the treat. Next: HD photos.

      • anon

        the "hd" photos on this site are always resized to non-hd 😦

    • Chris


      • Chris

        and I would also like to take you out some time. I'm only half as good looking though.

    • npfiii

      Great underboob

    • IICoLt45II

      my jaw hit the floor!

    • Christy

      Had to like this just to make it +101. Plus, even coming from a girl, she is pretty effin hot.

    • Mayday

      God Bless you!

    • xavi00

      smells like a new chivette

      • wells11490

        She's unbelievable.. get her to venice beach asap

    • feedthafire

      I love her, doubt she lives in FL or VA.

    • Love this Ass

      Will you be my Chivette?

    • mikeperdomo

      she must appear at the chive´s site background for the love of the holy fucking god, she is amazing

      • anon

        try going to miami, this girl is like a 3/10 there

    • anon

      if by flamethrower you mean mouth then yes

    • poop teepants

      I just squished out a slippery one,,,umm, sorry
      I just slipped out a squishy one, better now

    • False.

      Everybody knows that the trifecta includes anal. Amateur.

      • Max


    • Kyle

      girlfriend doesn't normally get jealous while im on the chive, took an extra minute looking at these pics. Needless to say… someone got jealous =p

      • pls sum

        Brother, my girlfriend won't talk to me right now. She's blonde and knows I prefer brunettes — should've kept that a secret since day 1 :S

  • Forever alone

    #4 forever alone

    • scbastevie

      you could say the elevator guys day is…
      looking up while he is going down.

  • gtommy

    Whole lot of awesome in this DAR

    • c-rizzle

      #21 behaviour is not spelled wrong. 😛 think about it.

  • Clue


    • Weed

      douchebag comment

    • DrLeppiwinks

      It was the douche, trying to be first, on the DAR, with his own fist

    • Ash

      die in a fire

  • Matt

    One, two, three, four, FIF!!!

    • kekermahoney

      man I miss Chappelle, good one

  • crothel

    #26..and thank you for that!


      you are fantasstic!

    • justin

      and #45 #26

    • http://twitter.com/Dan_F_Klein @Dan_F_Klein

      Gorgeous, no doubt about it.

  • DJQuantuM00

    #3 hottie on a skateboard = awesome!

    • justin

      yes!! skaters unite!!

      • Darkfish

        dyslexics untie!

    • Sanchez

      what skateboard?

    • DexLargo


      • yah

        thats what i was thinking.

      • dcolbert

        I see what you mean… but it looks way too clean for downtown Barcelona. Where are the heroin addicts and prostitutes?

    • marco

      really? wheres the hump?

  • Annoyed

    #13 should go die & leave her boobs behind

    • Joe pancake

      sorry to hijack your comment but i've got to say the series of pics #37 is a part of is unfunny.

  • Jlee

    #33 Miss ya Chris and #40 Hi there

    • chris

      It's all right, I'm still here.

      • Royce

        The bar has just been raised…. Wow… Absolutely stunning.

        • SolidusSnake420


    • sadman

      Is it selfish of me to wish that John Belushi had lived past 33? It would have been great to see Farley and Belushi together.

      • Royce

        Sure is… U Jelly?

  • Weed

    Great end #52 !

  • Marge Lammaries

    #22 because boobs

    • fed

      you're kidding, right? that's only the tip of the iceberg…

    • jjj

      because perfect body

    • dgd

      Deer lord the curves on that ….

    • tim

      Smoking body. We need more.

    • lkm,

      i hate when I see a perfect body and my first thought is "hope its not shopped"

      • riverwalker

        Thought the same thing…Sigh.

      • AmBush_Steve

        Yeah, I was right there too. Dear god that's perfect though. Good job God, or photoshopper.

    • Showtime

      Here is the unshopped version…Still awesome if you ask me!

  • Spencer_on_Fire


    Mind definitely blown

    • chris

      You mean child actors grow up and still act in movies? Wow mind definitely blown.

      • Jimmy C


    • Simon

      Milk does a body GOOD!

    • Chelsea Chivette

      also, she was the little girl from Andre (the one about the seal or sea lion, or something like that) and she's on Big Love (as a girl who has the hots for Amanda Seyfried) AND the little girl from that Whoopi Goldberg movie, Corrina Corrina.

  • Jeffrey Lebowski

    #22 For the win.

    • Whoopi_G

      Yes. We demand MOAR!

    • w sobchek

      Shut the fuck up, Donnie.

      • I'm the Dude man

        Walter , you're a dick!

  • Pete o'shaughnessy


    I'm Irish and a Chiver. I tried to reach through my monitor to grab that thing

    • NcouthYouth

      Need it!

      • wantomas

        There better be a men's version!!

    • beng

      o'shaughnessy? what are ye? from Carlow?

    • Paul

      I am too and I wanted to do the same thing!

    • protip

      every chiver who has gotten the regulare KCCO over the last year will now be competing for this one.
      you're going to have to be pretty quick on the draw i'm guessing for this one

      • chappy

        Im always quick on the draw! … 😥

    • DollarBillUK

      It's my birthday on Paddy's day. I think I should get one too.

    • http://facebook.com/Kennedyirl J. Kennedy Ireland

      I literally did the same thing… WE. NEED. THIS.

    • Peter O'Toole

      I'm Irish but I'm too piss drunk to give a shit about a fucking t-shirt so people know what website I go to.

      • beng

        "O'Toole" must be another one from Carlow

      • Truth

        I would O'tool your mom, Pete, but Irish girls are disgusting.

        That said, this shirt is retarded and anybody who is screaming about how much the want one either works for the chive or should go back to watching pro-wrestling because they are obviously retarded.

    • IrishWhitty

      I did too. Must. Have. Shirt. I called my husband and said "I will kill a man for this shirt." 🙂

    • irish

      Pity its not a shamrock instead of the four leaf clover. Ye have to make this available in Ireland only!!!!

    • discowheels

      I need this shirt!!! When will it go on sale, hopefuly in time for them to be delivered by St. Patty's Day!!!

      • Mike

        *Paddy's, our favourite weight lose guru is amazing and all but it ain't his day!

        Jus' sayin….

    • Gr33n

      Want soooo bad

    • gordo54

      Editor: let's think about one size up–3XL–for the real chunky beasts out there… hell, slap a few extra bucks on the price of that, too… just sayin',,,

    • Jan-Philip

      WHEN?! WHEEEEEN?!?! Canadian Forces member who converting everyone he can to the Chive!! Desperate to rock it with my Kilt for St-Patty`s day!!

    • NAO


  • I Like This

    #49 if there is a like button, i'm going to break it…..

    • jared

      I'd like it a lot more if there wasn't enough fabric to write "you like this?"

    • Inmate655321

      That ass needs a 'poke' button.

    • anon

      there is a button, it is brown and right in the center : )

    • kodakkid

      not sure if she will like it when I thumb it up!

    • Underbaker

      So how many other people put their mouse pointer on the thumb-up ready to click?

  • jared

    #14…"What is this?" "A learning center for ants!"

    • Truth

      What is this? Somebody who can't come up with their own joke so they quote a movie?

      • wantomas

        What is this? Somebody who can't come up with their own lead-in so they quote the prior comment?

        • Irony

          By doing that he was clearly making fun of how stupid it is to do that. lulz

    • thedude325

      It has to be atlease….3 times bigger than this

    • anon

      u botched it

    • Underbaker

      Then again we are talking North Korea, the kids are probably skinny enough to fit through the door.

    • ECMC

      "It has to be at least… Three times bigger than this!"

  • Alvin

    #22 moar please

    • MC Hammer

      Her bust-waist-hips ratio is unreal. Wow….

      • fnaah

        Definitely unreal – in the classical sense of the word. ('tis shopped. see thread above.)

  • YesFirst

    I WANT!

    • guesty

      It is hard enough to get a regular KCCO! every yuppie will come out of the woodwork to get this one. Chive can never order enough. All I say to you is good luck.

  • Carlos

    #16 moar on meatspin.com

    • KCCO58

      Carlos is a Dbag

    • IICoLt45II

      if you're going to troll at least use a website that has not been used 1 billion times

    • misplaced

      Fuck you Carlos! I hate your existence.

    • Boom!_Headshot!

      In all seriousness, her name is Katherine Fuenmayor from Venezuela, and she was Miss Reef International last year. Yes, I'm that good 😛

  • DrLeppiwinks

    #26 #39 #40 #41
    Clearly they've been found… but still MOAR

    • boobiesareus

      i didnt ask for a smile beotch, i want titiys

    • Slacker

      Who is that in 40?! That twitter chick?

    • anon

      the one on the right has horse teef

      • Grown Up

        Thats a fucking smokin' hot horse then.

      • DrLeppiwinks

        39,40 and 41 are the same girl dude

    • Prangsta

      MOAR daily if possible. Yes, I AM proposing they come live in my house.

    • magoo48

      definitely need MOAR

  • BuckyThePoopBandit

    I'll poop on everyone!!!!!!!

    • BandyThePoopBucket

      You are the shit, aren't you, Bucky. I'd poop on top of the poop you pooped on everyone, poop-head

    • scaredofpoop

      nooooooo say it's not true!!!

  • lando


    I'm giving the whole thing two minutes before sold out

    • The_Dood

      That's an optimistic estimate. I'd say about 45 seconds…

    • Christian

      unfortunately true story

    • lonin

      So fast that I will still be selecting size when it sells out even if I am on when they post it.

    • JJ Walker

      Sad but true dammit

    • chappy

      do they have a limit on these? cause it seems like someones just gunna buy a large quantity and resell em

      • it's just a teeshirt

        No, and that's exactly what happens.

      • DemBone

        yeah, go on ebay and look at the outrageous prices the regular shirts are going for o.0

    • Dan quail

      Well duh…..thats because theChive knuckleheads dont limit the quantity you can purchase. Some asshat will buy them all. Sad state of affairs to be sure. I quit even trying a long time ago.

  • Edjar

    #46 Samaritan Chiver is awesome. And has some wicked handwriting.

    • Truth

      Fake. Don't buy it for one second.

      • Edjar

        Even if it is that is still some pretty sick handwriting.

        • Truth

          I'll grant you that.

          • mooseknuckle907

            this is how arguments should go. reminds me of this video.

      • Ned Flanders

        Agreed… I don't know anyone that doesn't lock their phone… Certainly not a married man that reads the Chive…

        • anon

          this x1000 ^^^^^

        • Murphy, it's you

          I am married, I read the chive. I don't need to lock my phone because….wait for it…

          I NEVER GO OUT

          True story.

          • http://twitter.com/zazaterazi @zazaterazi

            I am married, I read the chive. I don't need to lock my phone because….wait for it…

            I`M A MACHO MACHO MAN…….!!

    • Lower

      theChive community rocks.
      Stay Classy

      • Truth

        A website that posts pictures of cats and women's vag-gaps is not a community. Get a fucking life.

        • Elan


          Search Criteria: "Define: Community"

          Definition #8: "A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals"

          You're welcome.

          • Truth

            Good lord you are a loser.

          • dsfgs

            Lawyered! @truth

            • Just sayin'

              Virginity protected.

    • thatdude

      Faith in humanity: restored!

    • doctorjoshie

      I routinely see stuff on here that reminds me of how good most people really are. I don't think this is fake at all, and I am a married Chiver that doesn't lock my phone. Mad props to Chiving Samaritan, and may we all act in such a Chive-worthy fashion in our everyday lives!

      • Jacobstein

        'Chive-worthy', are you fucking joking? DICK!

      • kyle


      • Truth

        Dude, I hope your post about "chiving samaritans" and acting in a "chive worthy fashion" is a joke or you are the biggest fuck-tard ever to hit the internet. This is a website dedicated to posting pictures of women's crotches and played-out memes from 4chan. Acting in a "chive-worthy" fashion? Give me a fucking break.

        • notafrigginchiver


    • Bob

      Haha, I know this is real…it was my phone. I sent the story to the Chive, hoping the Chiving Samaritan could be found. I owe him a beer!

      Keep Calm and Chive On!

      • Jacobstein

        what a square.

      • Jacobstein

        what a fucking square, keep calm and fuck off you loser.

        • Peter O'Toole


      • Just sayin'

        Did your phone smell like ass and/or balls when you got it back? Because any self-respecting man would have rubbed your phone somewhere special to teach you not to have a gay-ass lock screen like that.

      • Randy

        I know this is fake–I sent it in to The Chive to see if it would get posted…and it did. I'm not trying to make fun of this site or anything, I like it, but I sent this is and yes, it is fake.

        • Pudge

          totally believable story there Randy… Keep you're chin up buddy, someone will take you seriously one day.. right?

    • marco

      seriously…this dudes handwriting alone probably gets him laid.

    • freddy boy

      This is the coolest story ever. Thanks. Made my day.

      • freddy boy

        Totally better than any story about killing Bin Laden. THIS.IS.THE.BEST.STORY.EVER

    • Mr Pinchy

      Faith in humanity restored!

  • Kevin


    • Kevin


      • Kevin

        worst part….page wasnt finished loading and I thought i was first… lol

    • Just sayin'

      That's ok. Brit Chivette would probably still blow you.

      • Truth

        That british chick was pretty fugly. I definitely think she would still blow you, Kevin. You should give her a shot.

      • BC BH

        her butt hole smells like poop Brit Chivette stanks

      • Morse Hunkey

        Le Brit Chivette was a horse-monkey butt hole

        • Truth

          Please, we are trying to have a serious conversation over here.

    • gmen

      nailed it

  • Bullwinkle

    Could it be???

    • David Swaim

      #22 has to be photoshopped

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