Daily Afternoon Randomness (52 Photos)

  • Thunder

    #26, I love you, happy valentines day to you my love, and #40, I’m sure she will blow me off so I’m available if your interested. Hahahahshaha

  • Waylon

    #44/45 marry me

  • thisguy


  • thetech2

    #26 I love you more now

  • sam

    #49 yes I like. #26 very nice. #28 I second that. #46 that’s just good stuff

  • thisguy

    Oh yeah …. #26 please MOAR… of that heart….

  • love

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  • beard

    #35 and flamingos

  • chiver

    Wow, 44 and 45. Honestly one of the most enthralling woman I’ve ever laid eyes on.

  • Halloweenghost

    41: Amazing smile

  • goodbye

    WTF? This is DAR. Where's the R? This is just people posing to get on The Chive.
    Chive…what happened?

  • Kevin

    #26 is getting lots of love (and rightfully so!) but #39 #40 #41 is the most beautiful girl I've ever seen.

  • http://www.dotsofcolor.com DotsOfColor

    Reblogged this on Dots Of Color.

  • Qdaddy

    #49 gives me that warm, happy glow of restored faith in humanity. Keep chiving on!

  • thadudewhochives

    #22 find her #26 THANKYOU, you are beautiful please bless us with MOAR. #45 SExy!

  • LLT

    I was going to say something about behaviour being correct, depending on which version of English you use, but I got distracted by all the other hump DAR pictures, I forgot what I was going to say…

    • doughy

      Yea your right, just like spelling centre or colour. Also “z” is actually pronounced “zed”

  • Jack

    #33 Now I will be depressed all day.

  • Spencur

    #26 freakin gorgeous

  • Alex

    #22 MOAR please…pretty please!!! #26 awesome chic but second photo makes her look like she has no arms

  • Seriously NSFW

    Off topic. Amazing how much of a black market there is for your shirts on ebay because you won’t keep them stocked. Might as well change “temporarily out of stock” to “sold every 3 months for one hour only.”

  • 400zombienation

    #44 and #45 MOAR!!

  • Atom819

    OMG @ #22 #26

  • charlie

    #26 I must have more of her


  • Jacobstein

    all you motherfuckers saying chive on to each other are all square, you do realise that don't you?

  • Karen

    #26 where on earth did you get that heart thong? boyfriend and i had to reschedule valentines day…must get it before!

    • Erin

      I got it at victoria secert!

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