Daily Afternoon Randomness (52 Photos)

  • matty moo

    #46 what a top bloke 🙂

  • Anonymous

    #26 your beautiful follow me on twitter trymenager

  • anyonewithtalent

    #9 Fucking hardly.

  • http://drumusicloudsounds.tumblr.com/ drummer113

    I've met fellow Chivers in San Antonio, TX but I haven't met any Chivettes.

    The journey continues.

  • Matt schnur

    #11 I’m glad i could influence mind-blowification to chivers. I made the comment this morning about her being girl from waterworld. KCCO!

  • Annonymous

    MOAR OF #26, 52 and 41!!!

    26 def the best!! Where’s she from?!

    • Matt

      why would you care where she's from? Sounds like a creepy stalker already.

  • diehard chiver


    i wish for the original KCCO tshirt to be sold too! i've been waiting two months 😦

  • diehard chiver


    can the original KCCO be sold, too?
    i'm not irish 😦

  • I miss Chris

    Chive…. #33. why do you try and make me sad

  • Biscuit

    In 41 especially she looks remarkably like Keri Sable

  • stumeister

    #33 legend! miss this guy

  • Anna

    “behaviour” is how Canadians spell it. Educate yourself before you post things.

    • IrishChiver

      it's how everyone but the Americans spell it.

  • twztdassx2n

    #43 Best use of Grands. EVER!

  • Pete

    #29 better be true!!

  • Matt

    I like this

  • kamandir

    You're a 10/10 girl, dear Chivette!
    Please keep it coming MOAR! 🙂

  • SRH

    #33 #34

    Holy schnikeys! I miss Chris!

  • Oregon_country

    #26 chivette of the week
    #46 nice to see there are good people out there willing to help

  • Hotrodd

    26 you are like a dream come true.very hot and sexxxy backside.kcco

  • http://www.theChive.com Rusty_Dreams

    #26 Holy Mother of God!! Hotttt!!! Would love to buy you a nice dinner and get to know you.

  • 1zmaj

    #49 . . . where do i click?

  • nathan

    #40 #41 is so pretty, i love your smile

  • nathan

    #26 you are so amazing i cant believe it 🙂

  • Bar Be QUE

    #46 I like it how we prove to the world that it's okay to be a honest person! Chive On!

  • spicticus

    #42 is how I felt after seeing the smile in #41

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