Jobs: Reality versus the perception (22 Photos)

Photos via Buzzfeed


  • robsterling

    #20 is so spot on. PR guys will do anything for publicity.

  • Quagmire

    They forgot "What clients think I do" picture Lil Wayne flippin hundreds at da honeys.

  • Anonymous

    #21. Sooo he is saying He does men? ? For a living?

  • jB!


  • love

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  • Sadie

    Where do people keep getting these pictures?

  • Lachlan

    stolen from 4chan…

  • Jon?

    I'd say this one gets the prize for fastest aging meme yet, it's already too old to be any good.

  • Otto

    where da fuq is ENGINEER?

  • Mick

    What? No firefighter?

  • marcussam

    So True hahhaha

  • tpockette

    I hate this meme.

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  • Tyler D.

    Seems like being Barney Stinson is the best job available.
    I want that job because he is Awesome.

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