Join theCHIVE’s free fantasy NBA action league on Draftstreet and win $400

  • J.D.

    I'm going to do this. But for some reason I feel like 95% of the Chivers aren't into this kind of thing.

  • J.D.

    Do you guys have a recruiting code I should be entering?

  • Lebron James

    I got dibs on Jeremy Lin

  • whocares

    The NBA is still around?

    College Basketball > NBA!

  • Seattlebandits

    @whocares……FUCK YOU

  • Whoopi_G

    No. Fuck this shit.

    • knuckle dragger

      agreed….. fuck basketball… bunch of thugs

      • PayHeed

        Both of you should probably just comment on something you don't even care about, and will forget about it once you leave this page. This looks cool Chive, thanks. I will defiantly try it out!

        • Rebel

          No need to be defiant.

  • ksc

    draftstreet is actually an awesome site. No recruiting code needed, its in the url.

  • Larry Axelband

    If anyone has any questions regarding draftstreet, please feel free to email me anyitme at

    • Barack Obama

      I have a question, does your mom know that you are a faggot?

    • goodguytyler

      Is that you Good Guy Greg??

  • http://thechive wak

    what’s an NBA?

  • Ned Plimpton

    They made me draft 2 teams for some reason. Here's my team: K-Love, Dirk, Kobe, Ben Gordon, Dwight Howard, Nene, Jimmer Fredette, Cory Higgins…

    • Kool-aid

      and not a single fuck is given about your team…. just saying..

    • Ned Flanders

      You know Jimmer is getting no run from coach Smart right?

    • Sam Perkins

      Nene aint playin tonight homie

  • PoPimp85

    Why complain. It fun and free cash if you win….. Go Bulls!

  • TDOTchiver


  • love

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  • chuck

    –so they dont have chris paul or derrick rose available to draft.. in fact no clippers or bulls at all!!!! wtf!!!!!

    • Leeks

      The Clippers and Bulls are not playing on Friday.

  • BA420

    wow this was only a 1 day thing huh…what the fuck I thought it would at least be till the end of the season. I would have drafted a completely different team….

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  • Herish

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