Kids: innocence found (28 photos)

  • corey melton

    #25 – this is my photo of my wife and daughter. The chive needs to (1) give photo credits to the photographers, and (b) not watermark other people’s photos with their logo. It’s illegal.

  • sean

    Please moar of 16 and 26 find both of them but especially 16

  • Occupy The Gap

    #16 – WTF?

  • Scotsman

    #23 I know I was there as a kid.

    • Penny

      This is my Monkey of a son.The pic is 3 years old, and the scamp is forever getting into things.


    #19…. We dont have lucky chrams in ireland and the black stuff is in a way cooler can…

  • Hamburglar

    #1 To busy killing middle eastern children to come home; sorry boy.

  • vBy

    Really nice stuff man,,,, well done,,,, keep it up,,,,,really nice pics

  • Amy Patterson

    #3 #24 – too cute!

  • Medina

    #28 – I got a folder from a third grade class full of mail just like that. I laughed so hard I cried and had sore abs the next day.

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