Nothing cures a Valentines hangover like some humps (63 photos)

  • rooster

    #14 i'd love to lick that up and down
    #23 oh god you stopped me in my tracks
    send in MOAR. i'd marry her if she'd let me!

    • ChelseaRules

      Basically all of that you just said was creepy.

  • NumbChuckz

    I still cant seem to get over 30. What is that? Why would those who love her let her do that? Is this some sick joke chive?

  • Watwat

    #14 is the bomb more please

  • NumbChuckz

    Damn you number 30. Pure evil

  • Anonymous

    #12???! Quantity Vs. Quality?

  • shon

    #2 oh those legs

  • cheachea

    how dare no one show love for #60

  • http://chive joe

    6 & 7 fell from heaven. I’m in love with Yur booooty

  • Eli

    #9 and #19 leave me speechless…. Absolutely amazing

  • aryk

    Yesh, now I need a nap.

  • john

    I’m with Numbchuckz here… #30 is very odd looking.


    WOW #34 nobody even through a shout out too that is a TRUE HUMP DAY ass!! I want to buty my face in it FIND HER!!!!!!!!!! Have to shout out to #7 got stuck staring almost got caught at work haha.

  • BeerPerks69

    Not enough white chicks!!!

  • mikeSC

    47 ftw. Great.

  • AJ

    #56, Mother of God.

  • Goat

    30 kindly leave this section. Maybe flbp is more your section or smile

  • http://what Mike Hunt

    I love ’em, I do, but I will never refer to an ass as a “hump”. In what part of the country is an ass a “hmp”. Have never heard it, but for this site.

  • Bustanut

    Whole lotta nice ass

  • Rybo

    And the winner is… #15

    Congratulations! I'll fapping this later!

  • http://o the brandon

    62 amazing asses. Shazaam.

  • Chivoso

    #53… can't be trusted to get undressed by herself

  • Anonymous

    #7 Not Fair!

  • defiantDOOKIE

    #50 awesome girl is awesome.

  • Coastie Joe

    #34 “CUTTER BUTT”!

  • Anonymous

    27…….you’re ruined.

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