They call her ‘Combat Barbie’ (19 Photos)

The stunner holding the SA80 up there is Katrina Hodge. Nicknamed "Combat Barbie" she's 22 years old and makes a living as a Corporal with the Royal Anglican regiment. Katrina was awarded a medal for the bravery she displayed when she managed to disarm an Iraqi insurgent when she was only 18 years old.

In 2009 she was crowned Miss England. In 2010 she handed over her crown and retuned to active duty in Afghanistan.

  • spartus

    they're called desert queens

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  • Anonymous

    Good girl

  • Nate

    Man. How terrible does that Iraqi guy feel. Taken down by a 110 lb girl.

    • Pointed Sticks

      I bet she didnt even need a gun, the guy was so used to burkas then saw her

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  • Marco

    lol her wearing her makeup like that in the field would definitely boost my moral

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  • Figure 4 for the win

    And BAM!!!! Insurgent dis-motherfucking-armed.

  • KareemOnyaface

    If anyone shoots her i will enlist the next day

  • justanothersquaddie

    OBJECTION! This is foxy lady is a member of the AGC corps, a clerk effectively. Although I certainly congratulate her for her skill, the Royal anglican regiment, I happen too know, is a fine standing band of men, infantry soldiers, not clerks. just note that down, America!

  • Tek

    This US soldier is in love

  • Simon

    We've gone two days without him.

    You don't think ….?

  • love

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  • sony

    a danger thread to enemies!!

  • DotsOfColor

    Reblogged this on Dots Of Color.

  • Rothchild

    There’s no way she’s from England …. her teeth are stright.

  • Derek Weaver

    Why yes, yes i would… HARD

  • Todd S.....

    I wonder if she would play army with me? I could lay down,and she could blow the F out of me!!!!

  • Evan

    She could be a real life Black Widow.

  • deathscythe257

    It would make sense to say "watch out, we got a badass over here…" But, in reality, we REALLY have a badass here… I have no doubt her country couldnt be any more proud

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  • nathan

    im in love….what an amazing girl

  • gordo54

    #3 – drop-dead stunning…

  • Joe

    #4 and #13 Target acquired.

  • spry

    Ha! A desert queen? A desert queen is a girl who is a 5 in the states and THINKS she is a 10 in the desert because the girl to guy ratio is 1:7. Corporal Hodge is effin hot not just in the desert. She is hot as F*** all over the world

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