You Are Here – a beautiful speech by Carl Sagan (Video)

An image taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft as it exited our solar system shows the Earth some 4 billion miles away. Astronomer Carl Sagan describes brilliantly how every single person and living thing we have come to know, exists only on this “pale, blue dot.”

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  • NewYearsEvil

    Nice speech. Too bad the last 2 minutes were from the movie Contact and NOT images from Voyager 1…

  • Humbled

    Makes me want to watch Contact again.

  • rod

    that was cool. and we fight among ourselves, building walls to separate our races, spending more on missiles, instead of cures for diseases, food, etc.. neglecting our home

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  • Jason

    This is called The Pale Blue Dot and it is incredible. I cannot believe the number of stupid comments on here. Some of you are such irrelevant and unnecessary wastes. Go make a video of your cats screwing, Tom, because if that's what makes YOU think and appreciate, then good luck to you. And FYI, Tom, Mom and Dad's basement is even more insignificant than our beautiful Pale Blue Dot.

  • justin alec

    yes if only more people thought like this.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you very much for that. This is the reason I am a chiver! KCCO everyone

  • Don

    LOL. Mind not blown

  • Tommy

    That was Awesome!!! Carl Sagan has alway been a hero to me. He has a way of explaining the Vast to the simplest of minds.

  • MIke

    This is from his book. Carl Sagan was one of the most brilliant and open minded people ever know. Show the respect he deserves.

  • jobvindex

    Carl "The Man" Sagan

  • Parallendicular

    It's very fitting that the last part was the opening sequence to the movie Contact, which was based on the novel by the same name, which was written by Carl Sagan.

  • bunker
  • Gabroni

    The original — much better quality:

  • Annemette

    This is a BAD rip from the original on youtube….

    The original is clear and way more beautiful ..go see it!

    • thesavagedonkey

      Ive been trawling youtube to try and find the origninal. THank you so much. you have made my day.

  • @trustnoone73

    There may be better or more poignant speeches gives throughout history but I doubt it.

  • http://Thechive Mayhem

    First post
    Nailed it

  • mimzy

    gives one the perspective that we should all carry with us. #mademyeyescross whoa dudeee

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  • robby

    find it funny that Reagen was shown as he said, "crooked politicians" guess I understand where you guys stand now.

  • andischreff

    makes me feel claustrophobic

  • Draxonic

    That was great…and at the same time, kind of sad.

  • Brett

    was it just me or did I miss Neptune and Pluto in the long ass last shot?

  • Guest

    Anybody else notice that 2 Mel Gibson movies made the cut?

    • Guest

      Braveheart (there's a shot of the kid who watches Gibson get drawn & quartered) and two shots from Apocalypto, in case anyone was wondering

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