• http://TheChive AJ

    I wash it could make itself an ass so I could fuck it in it… right ?

  • curmudgeon

    Gee, this is old news! Come on guys, get up to date and quit posting old news as though it were "happening now".

  • Waty

    Crescent wrench at home depot = 12 bucks
    3D Printed crescent wrench = 1200 bucks

  • Anonymous

    Now make a printer that makes printers.

  • Bob

    By the power of geekiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Da Sandman

    what's with the stupid smartass comments during every fucking video on thechive these days? guys, if you don't have anything funny or interesting to say, then just stfu… ffs…

    anyways this is pretty awesome

  • Ken

    I use this Dimension SST1200es at work:
    We don't scan things, we design them from scratch in 3D CAD software and print from there.
    It is neat and has saved us $$$$$ from not CNC machining all our prototypes. You can have an actual part in your hands in minutes to hours.

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  • WaikikiWayne

    Who is the "Real Tool"?

  • DChiver

    Ok this isn't new, also they kinda tricked u in to believing that they scanned it and printed it, the wrench in the start is very different from the one in the end… look closely also look at the bottom area…

  • Tom

    So if you lose a tool in space you can print out another one? Really there is no other applications for this? Honestly the possibilities are endless. You go shopping on the internet buy a schematic and print it on your home 3d printer. Instantly. EPIC.

  • sickchuck

    AND get This Old House to rebuid your 200 yr. old house with alot of free plugs. This guys got it made.

  • @zapsmackos

    the last frame shows the original wrench and the copied wrench and they ARE NOT the same. shit is fake yo hollar at me

  • Underhill

    Don't carry the tools and gear at all. Just the copier and receiver. Then produce just what you need. Hmm ?? Could it do oxygen??

  • Alpha0010

    How did it know the shape of internal components if they scanned it with a laser?

  • Blah

    Fucking magnates. How do they work?

  • Kevin

    good job chive.. this is OLD as shit.. did you look at the date before you took it from youtube?

    Every high tech corporation has 3d printers that do 10+ different materiels in the same print job by now

  • Cody

    Can it make KCCO shirts?

  • @NickGauss_0

    Now print a 3D printer! And start the destruction of humanity.

    • Anonymous

      Already done. Maker bot industries has made a maker bot (3d printer) that replicated itself.

  • Lucas

    please please remove the little text annotation comment. everyone is stupid

  • what the fuck

    it wont fuckin load

  • Ricco

    The part I don't get is how it can reproduce tthe inside parts that would make something move as the threads inside the wrenck.

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  • Bobbbbb

    Why did the printed wrench have a D-ring on the end of the handle instead of the molded hole like the original?

  • Trollolol

    Still waiting for the day when I can torrent one of the scans for a car and print it out. Free Lambo anyone?

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