Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • Simon

    Looks like I spoke a bit too soon about you-know-who.

    Sorry for jinxing it everyone.

  • Ryan

    48… Is the guy on the right resting his hand on the other guys junk?! Look close!

  • Anonymous

    #41 has got my vote!

  • Carguy95

    #44 yes! But… They need to just leave it alone. She’s to beautiful to be airbrushed!

  • Bobert

    #32 That picture should be in 3D. Where is that picture?

  • Lizzie

    #48 Devil's Threeways are strictly prohibited in the Bro Code!

  • Leonel_LyL

    #24 Madre maria santisima de Guadalupe! :O Me gusta!!!

  • brandonwagner

    Hottest chick everr #8!!

  • cc

    14, yes, but 3.. best picture here!

  • http://twitter.com/uablthrash @uablthrash

    #41 I have that same underwear! 🙂

  • Pants

    #30 has ensured that my day shall be an awesome one.

  • Niki

    #48 Sorry but its obvious that they paid for that. It’s just not hot when its bought.

  • Anonymous

    #44, no, we have chivettes that are so much more deserving. Just look at the few we have here.

  • http://www.dotsofcolor.com DotsOfColor

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  • Wallace

    16 you made the timeline for burn the bra at the exact time you were suppose to and god bless you the world is a better place because of it and 41 whom ever you are dating or took that picture I want to beat their ass because it is called selfishness for not allowing the rest of us to partake in that front row viewathon

  • dochandy

    #3 #5 #18 #31 heart = melted…

  • Juice

    #32 is absolutely gorgeous and sexy and hell!!

  • phil

    is number 32 single?

  • General Raum

    #38 & #16 …. All I can say is thank you 😉

  • Toale

    26…. For jerking off?

  • AngusChaser

    Dude, all of you are wrong. #1 is the cats pajamas. Athletic prowess plus the technical climbing ability to get into that position and move out from it succesfully is a beautiful thing. Yes, that was a pun.

  • Spicoli

    #3 how much moer prospective do u need.

  • Conor

    I live just down the street from the Star Diner in Toledo. Gonna go get my Chive on!

  • Anonymous

    #2 I heart star diner!

  • Chivette Lover

    #44 Absolutely not! There's like 1000 Chivettes that would have made a way better choice!

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