Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • Jayavc

    #36 Made me laugh out loud…(I hate LOL)

  • howley

    #21 – Moar! I know I was busy and meant to do something.. But now I forget and to be honest I don't care, smoking hot body!

    • Whoopi_G

      Vader works out.

      • howley

        Yup, clearly!

  • dbsnydes

    #25 it was the broom. i caught him for you. i will take three treats please.

  • MMZX

    #8 MOAR!!!!

  • P90

    #6 I call it 'The Silencer'

  • Rockomon

    #8 is gorgeous but Crista Nicole is still > all others. Just sayin…

  • howley

    Derp!! Meant #41 😀 That's how confused I am right now!

  • MoChive

    wiener dog?

  • tawlker

    #44 I'm not sure if the photo is good enough for the cover of SI…

    but I'm damn sure that those bewbies are good enough for the cover of SI!

  • Smitty

    #44 Is that a serious question? Best cover ever!


    Forget Vail. Go to Idaho Springs and eat at Beau Jos. Best pizza on the planet.

  • James III

    Kate Upton has big boobs that is it. Flat ass and square bod. Not good enough for SI cover. Alyssa Miller FTW

  • ThisChickLovesChive


    That's the tiniest bathing suit ever for the cover of the Swimsuit Edition. No complaints!

    • Ash

      Except for the sloppy pancake tits

  • seven2k

    #32 I stopped and stared…lost track of time! ALso, that is an EVO 3D. Waiting the 3D version if could bless us.

  • A-Man

    #4 I don't care if you probably have rabies now, i would still bang you

  • http://twitter.com/mcraephoto @mcraephoto

    #1 Can I get a spot please?

  • Hatetobreakittoyou

    #32 is fat and not cute. Hate to break it to you, but she's a 5.5. Even worse than that british chick from a couple of weeks back.

    • MattKL

      Where are you that that girl would only be a 5? The women must be super-smoking hot…in your mind.

      • Guest

        best part is if he saw her in real life he'd never have the balls to talk to her… this girl is smokin

        • Truth

          The only think that she's smoking is the ham that she is eating for dinner. That bitch is fat and you can see her stomach under the shirt.

          • #32

            hi, hate to break it to you, but i don't have a stomach. im 5'4" 125lbs. out of 600 comments, your the only negative one. you have got to be a jealous girl on her period.

            • #32

              btw, KCCO 🙂

            • 1stTimeChiver

              Sorry, but you look 5 months pregnant.

              • #32

                i know, its a bad picture and i honestly didnt even think i would get on lol but whatev, im happy i did and it made my day so thats all that matters. if i have to deal with a few negative comments to make it on my favorite site then i will 🙂 i know im not fat and i work really hard to keep it that way because i was blessed with a cuban hump so idc what any one else say. My bf loves it and so do i 🙂

  • Yo-Yo Ma

    #44 Yes. A million times yes.

  • SMT

    #38 Thank YOU!

  • bobthebuilder

    the photoshopped face is really weird to me.

  • Rooster13


    • MattKL

      Find both!

    • Vie

      Erin Heatherton on the right.

  • roxveve

    #44…ummmm… FUCK YES!!!!!!

  • Brandon

    MOAR Kate Upton!!!

  • Williemo32

    #44 short answer yes.. Long answer… That could take a while

  • ComeAtMeBro

    #44 Fuck yeah it is! What's wrong with you?!

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