Girls with guns go together like milk and cookies (30 Photos)

In honor of the return of Top Gear U.S. and Top Shot, here are some beautiful woman working some serious hardware...

  • Anonymous

    Hey 2nd amendment basher….youre an idiot. If you don’t like the chive then GTFO!!! Go read ebony!!! We don’t want you hear, nor do we care what you say! There’s nothing wrong with white, plastic big boobed girls…they belong here! #28 Penny Mathis FTW!!!

  • bless1


  • Bill

    #21…Spectacular without even trying! MOAR!!!

  • Ricky

    #12 Not sure if she's hot or watch the fuck out!

  • K9

    #7 I think I’m going to go and pull on my trigger for a while now…… Thank you.

  • FiddleDog

    Impressive. Proper trigger discipline, with the exception of 17 and 28. Hotness factor has been canceled out on those by moron factor. Also, props on 22 – Jessie Abbate awesome to look at…and can outshoot most everyone.

  • jimmyjoebob

    Hot women that actually know how to shoot a gun = HOT #21, #22
    Women modeling with a gun in their hand that have no idea how to use it = LESS HOT #18, #25

  • Gallus

    #11 – Wow! A babe and a Ma Deuce. If that girl can spit, I've found a girl I can really like.

    #12 – Right. Let's see her shoot that S&W 500. I can shoot .44 magnums with only moderate discomfort, but a 500 nearly knocked me on my arse. I want to see her do better.

  • Willie Ed

    #7 impressive grouping #22 please find them

    • Onailime

      John, I’ll have a Jack Daniels today and toast to all the fellow Chivers and the Chivettes. Cheers to all, you make life at work moalst bearable and deserve a good time out!

  • BT

    #4 I think im in love…

  • js11


  • http://Chive Jim


    This should be a weekly thing. “Females with Firearms Friday”

  • TopGearUSBlows

    Top Gear US blows. It has none of the smarts, funny, knowledge, originality, or personality of the UK version. About the only thing it has is the same kind of video editing.

  • @trustnoone73

    #2 Really? She needs a dude supporting her shoulder blade to fire an M4 at the ocean? You'd think it had recoil LOL

  • http://thechive Brock hay

    P90 wooooo

  • Oneofakind

    Steve – probably too full of your own teen angst at the time. There are lots of clips on You Tube, it had some great muohur in it.WrightStuff – yay!

  • CDT

    #4 need moar

  • flying fish

    21, 9, 15, 7, 4, and 22

    The only thing hotter than a girl with a gun is a girl with a gun, THAT KNOWS HOW TO SHOOT!

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