I wish my college had an Alaina (26 Photos)

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  • tyler

    I live in Springfield, MO. Would you like to have dinner with me?

  • elchicoNick5

    Love it.

  • Bilbo Braggins

    She is beautiful and looks like a fun chick to hang with. I don't know why these idiots bag on her when it is obvious she is having fun with the photos. KCCO

  • Joe Maulsby

    Wow Brains, Beauty, and Chivette. Thank you Chive.

  • Simba

    It's nice to see real girls contribute to 'probably the greatest site in the world' and you are gorgeous! Also, thanks for representing the greatest baseball team in the world!


    why on God's green earth is this not in HQ hmm?!?

  • Anonymous

    Tapsnapornap, see # 20… no “cheating” there.

  • Wrench

    Dear Alaina
    I use a Nikon too.Love it,but for some strange reason yours takes waaay better pictures!
    God bless you lady!

  • Lucifer

    Yup, gotta love a country gal. (and a damn fine photographer in more ways than one!)

  • Steve

    i think i live in the wrong part of Missouri :O

  • ReaganMarine

    Those eyes are proof there is a God.

  • chetan verma


  • Jo Shlopez

    I would go to Missouri just to take you out on a date, and call you every day. Jaw dropping!

  • Anonymous

    #1 great eyes, #3 great legs

  • Anothermuser

    Sweet baby jesus :O

  • deluxe

    fuck college! i wish my dong had an alaina!!

  • Trr56

    #18 it’s what’s between the bread that counts

  • Kyle Ruts

    I wonder if she attends the fine institution of MU, Ill have to keep my eyes open.

  • Jdh

    Will you marry me??

  • C man

    No, I haven’t. Just love em n leave em bro

  • John

    those eyes…

  • the cowboy

    it's not even fair …she's perfect….i look at these and can only hope i have a girlfriend like you!

  • Bones

    With those stunningly beautiful eyes, she should be Chivette of the Year. PLEASE theChive, put her in the 2013 calendar!

  • BoBoStl

    Im so proud to have such a sexy chivette from my area. Are there any more StL hotties around here?

  • Ruben

    MARRY ME!!!!!

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