I wish my college had an Alaina (26 Photos)

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  • babar

    Missouri State sucks and we both know it. Come to U of Arkansas.

  • Theeffinjeff

    Thank you Alaina you are absolutely beautiful, MOAR!!! ;0)

  • im pissed

    w-w-w-w-w-wait how come ur allergic to peanut butter but not nutella? Im allergic to peanut butter too but I cant eat it wtf….

    • tyler

      Im allergic to PB too but I can eat nutella. It just depends on the person and if they have a strong allergic reaction to PB. If they do it's usually smart to avoid other tree nuts like hazelnuts. Im guessing she has a mild reaction to PB.

  • Kyle Kirby

    i would slit my wrists if i couldn't eat peanut butter. i've never felt so much sympathy for someone so beautiful

  • Ethan

    this is so beautiful it makes me cry :')

  • Everett

    toooootal babe!!! what college is she at?!

  • boardinbro

    when can we hang?!?!?! you have some beautiful eyes!!

  • Anonymous

    The most amazing eyes. Just wonder if this “good ole girl likes fishing too as part of her interest? Nothing more sexy than a real country girl….just saying…. Still beautiful!!!!!!!

    • Scott Thacker

      Btw I’m the anonymous comment. KCCO
      First time viewer, a Chiver told me about it & I thank God they did. & Bill Murray. & John

  • WallaB

    #18 She makes sammiches not sandwiches. Wifey material

  • Grimm

    Being from Joplin MO, I’m proud to say that we have very naturally beautiful women! I joined the military and left the area but nice to see our girls reppin southern MO!!!
    Chive on gorgeous:)

  • Caddylac

    I wannnnnnnnt

  • Brian

    #20 your argument is invalid.

  • HAZ

    One Special Chivette!!!! WOW!!!!!!

  • Laxer9

    HOLY HELL!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1307611621 Logan Kirchhoff

    University of Central Missouri Chiver here, absolutely amazing! Me and a few friends are going to MO State to visit some friends, what are the odds of getting a picture with this gorgeous Chivette?

  • Atlanta

    I've never revisited the same gallery as many times I've been to this one. This girl is mesmerizing…..And every part of her body is as hot as rest….That never happens! I love shot her legs!

  • Chevy

    its just wrong how beautiful she is

  • Hamlinfan

    What a gorgeous pair of eyes, and yes I agree great smile. Thank you for pic's looking forward to more.

  • Reg-O

    As a MSU grad I am PISSED!! I left Springfield too early apparently

  • Aztec4eva1987

    Holy Chi Chi's!!! Marry my mi amor!!!!

  • conner

    You should Come to Texas A&M next fall and Come build Aggie Bonfire with me!

  • https://www.facebook.com/zack.crisp Zack Crisp

    so i think the chive should let us get in contact with the chivettes so we can show our appreciation. alaina is gorgeous and very sweet. hope to see more of her

  • alex

    HOLY hell she is a gorgeous woman!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1377164519 Steve Ask

    As someone who lives in StL… Please find her.

  • Jamal

    Nice shot baby

  • Ray T

    WTF?! happened to that comment?

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