Some classy, some dirty…these are my high-res ideas for the weekend (25 HQ Photos)

  • josh

    doesnt anyone who #1 is?!

  • chrish

    #29 is a model for weddings dresses designed by some lady named phillipa lepley, who i guess made Kate Middletons famous wedding dress. i cant find the models name anywhere on the site but there are a few more pics of her.
    google image search > the chive's find her

  • nugget_stain

    Unless you were really going for BAD ideas, I count a handful (at most) of poop-interrupt worthy

  • JLP

    please fine no. 20 we might be soulmates.

  • troy

    #1 &#3 are hot

  • anonymous4

    #1 is Kendall Mickal. And she's a minor.

    • anonymous4

      Never mind. Apparently 18 now.

  • phimutau

    Who is #1??? She is breathtaking!!!!!

  • BlackJack

    The female body is…..just…I mean…..the women are just…well… how do you get around lookin' at these ladies and not… know

  • Dino

    #23 ugly toes

  • jag

    #21 has some SERIOUS curves!

  • deepbludiver
  • ORPO1

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