• asdf

    FIRST bitches

  • Lower

    These are pretty funny.
    The bar one was better

  • jefdev

    how I wish this was true

  • realzoo

    Maybe this is true in another galaxy……….far, far away.

  • Vindetta412

    bahahahaha priceless so can i come in for a little!!! lol

  • http://twitter.com/EwThatsGross @EwThatsGross


  • discowheels

    These are too funny!!!


    The guy in the red shirt that gets the firl to propose to him is my good buddy from high school!! help these guys out pass long the youtube site get them some views!!

  • Waty

    The scene where the chick only wants a few fries and ends up eating half of them is like my girl… And she wonders why her jeans aren't fitting anymore.. lol

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