The greatest CEO in the world? (6 Photos)

  • Tom

    In Japan this knowledge may shame other into acting the same way. Here it will be ignored.

  • the chird

    Id take 450k. Not to be greedy, but I mean u are CEO

  • jeff

    no body needs to make 200 mill a year that is pure greed

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  • robby

    so what's wrong with being a millionaire?

  • bzazz

    This is actually common practice in Japan. Say what you will about the Japanese, but they have a sense of honor which means more to them than money. You can't say that about many American CEOs.

  • herro

    This is a great post Chive. We should put these people on the spotlight and show the world still some good, honest people out there.

  • Lex Luthor II

    uhhh why is everyone saying all of our CEOs need to be like this??

    since I'm apparently the only Chiver who knows anything about Japans economic situation…. we need LESS Japanese-type CEOs in America. Seriously, you think our CEOs are bad in America, in Japan they are 10x worse and basically have just pissed away such enormous wealth over the last 20 years, an amount that makes our CEOs each look like Warren Buffet.

    Remember in the 80s-early 90s when Japan was going to end up owning America? Yeahhhh ummm their CEOs were so incompetent theyve driven themselves into the ground with speed and devastation that's unparalleled in the modern business world. We do not need to be taking any cues from Japan in terms of executive direction.

  • MattKL

    Wish more CEOs in America did this. Chive On Nishimatsu-san!

  • roger

    A business man who understands responsibility.

  • Nighteye2

    I would do the same. If any company is looking to cut costs by replacing their expensive CEO with someone who does the same job as good or better for a normal salary, I'm up for it 😉

  • Josh

    I want to be like this man!

  • He'sCookinOurGarbage

    You goal as CEO is to make the stockholders money.

    He is not a hero , make your company more profitable!

    Mercia are capitalists, you liberal screwballs might not understand that but if the company cant increase revenue and the CEO takes a pay cut may be time to consider a replacement

  • spartus


  • spartus

    #1 tommy lee jones?

  • spartus

    i doubt any ceo makes 200 million per year, were are your dam sources.

  • HEEL

    So when people say "Like A Boss", they actually mean this guy

  • Script

    You spelled heroes wrong on #6

  • Dug

    This is silly…I want to know what his stock options are about PR bullshit

  • Anonymous

    Some Americans line their own pockets selfishly. To hell with the economy and any co-workers. Then they drive the economy into the ground and look to others for handouts (bailouts). If you think that this behavior is acceptable then you are an idiot.

  • shane

    he IS the man!!!

  • Chived Out

    Great PR, but he is still making bank off the books, especially if you check out who the major shareholder is of JAL!

  • poopstainsonyourmom

    Hurray for stock options

  • JImbo

    No ceo in any country earns an annual salary of 200 mill, even with bonuses the figure isn't close to 200 mill

  • Edd

    #3 from what I hear the head of the company mingling with his/her employes is actually really really common. It allows them to be more in touch with the workforce, monitor quality/prices directly, and makes them care about their workers.

    As opposed to the USA where the higher ups have private parking, private elevators and eat in private rooms. Naturally it costs a ton of money to do this.

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