The greatest CEO in the world? (6 Photos)

  • aaa

    chive, you should send him kcco.

    • aaa


  • SRF

    Ah but what was his annual bonus?

  • Anonymous

    Great man! I would have taken a 250K salary in his potion, but still nothing like 200m!

  • Ryan

    Lot of hate around here for the people who pay all your salaries. "Oooh, CEOs are so evil!" None of us could do a tenth of the job they do, and if the stockholders want to pay them an assload of money it is their concern, not yours. So unless you own stock in the company whose CEO you're griping about, go cry me a river.

    • Pick pocket

      Knob head! And all your CEO bum buddies

  • Ryan0229

    When did it become "evil" to earn a lot of money? We live in a capitalist society in which everyone is given the freedom to work as hard as they want to make as much as they want. While I agree that making tens of millions per year is ricockulous, unless we switched to socialism and nobody told me, I say "nice work". The idea that just because someone makes a pile of money means that they are obligated to give it away does not compute (I earn approx $40k per year).

  • Steven

    $200,000,000 a year?!?!?! your numbers are a smidge off

  • Derek

    It’s not about us being mad about CEO’s making a lot of money, surely they do more important things than I do and I’m a us marine. I’m just saying if more people in America cared about the company and it’s employers then we would be better off.

  • ?

    It has nothing to do with evil or not. This guy cut his own salary to save the lives of others. That is the point. He did something the majority of CEOs wouldn’t. He didn’t have to care.

  • crhawksfan

    It’s not that CEO’s in America don’t have a right to make money its just the retarded amount they make a year why can’t they just make 5,000,000 million a year it it still more then any one person needs to make to live a very well off life

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  • ???

    I believe it’s when CEOs are awarded for making profit by layoffs that angers many Americans. Take Hewlett Packard as an example. The board hired mark hurd as CEO. His plan to increase profit and meet quarterly numbers was by laying off employees, implementing 5% pay cut to all remaining employees, and send jobs to china. His reward was millions in bonuses. Then, he has affair go public and HP fires him while sending him away with $10 million package. How does that make you feel? Instead of cutting his salary to make ends meet, he lays off and cuts salaries of employees.

  • Chris

    not hating on this guy because I applaud his integrity…but maybe he is not the *greatest* CEO in the world? Japan Airlines recently had to file for bankruptcy

  • Vijay

    #31Glad to see you made it out safely sir! Good luck with the fwoolling recovery and other surgeries! Remember, when it gets rough, just repeat to yourself “Keep Calm and Chive On”!!!

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